Executive women - claim your power, transform your career, so you can be an impactful leader & inspiring role model.


  • You're a corporate ninja with many years of experience in complex environments - but you're hiding a guilty secret...your inner critic tells you on a daily basis, "You're not good enough"; that your success is primarily down to luck. You feel you're surfing a wave of success, & at any moment, you could wipe out, & everyone will see you're not as good as they think.

  • You give 120% to your career - you like doing a great job, & you like to let your work speak for itself, rather than (ick) ‘self-promote’.

  • It seems the more you give, the further away the next step into leadership becomes. How can that be?

  • You give your all, & you've been described as "the best hire ever", & yet you've been passed over for promotions.

  • You take opportunities that come up, drifting around the organisation, thinking that with the next one, you'll find that ‘something’ that will catapult you into the next level of leadership. Whatever it is you're seeking to give you that boost, you're not finding it, & you don't even know what 'IT' looks like. You need to look at all this from a different angle, but you're not sure how.

I remember that feeling.


  • A woman in a male-dominated industry;

  • Competing in a male-dominated sport (sailing);

  • Excelling in the corporate world (insurance);

  • All the time feeling like a fraud, like this wave of success would come crashing down around me.

The more I felt out of balance & fearful of the ‘wipe out’, the more I did. I worked, & worked, & gave, & gave, thinking the more I gave, the more success I’d see. It was a mixed emotion of feeling like I had to run to catch up & run to stay ahead. My boundaries around what I would & would not accept in terms of treatment by others were chipped away, slowly, insidiously, invasively…

My personal relationships suffered worst of all...from one car-crash of a relationship to another.

I saw professional rewards - I won’t deny it. Relocations around the world with the company, a decent package; my lifestyle wasn’t too shabby with travel, dining out,...



I didn’t feel powerful & confident at my core. I felt like I was running on empty, & most of all - running. Running to keep up & stay ahead. I would lash out at others when I felt cornered - I was not in my power, centred, or feeling truly confident. I was not bringing the real me (or my A game) to the table. I held myself back from true greatness because I second-guessed myself & my ability. I accepted what I was given - professionally & personally.


Despite being considered by others as a top performer, super-competent, & even intimidating at times, I saw myself very differently. I didn't believe in myself at my core - as if it was all "a bit of luck" that I had got where I had. I continued to ride the wave, fearing the 'wipe out'. In my personal life, I went from relationship to relationship where I accepted behaviour that, intellectually, I knew was unacceptable - & yet, I kept on giving.

Ironically, throughout my career, I coached & mentored many employees to be more confident & create a successful career path - yet I wasn't doing it for myself. I had got loose & fast with my boundaries at work & in my personal life, feeling like, "If I just did & gave MORE, I'd be more successful/happier/loved/accepted."

I came to realise...

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....& I'll never forget the words of one of my former bosses who said to me not so long ago,


"Helen, you became more successful when you stopped trying so hard."


What led to my success was the complete opposite of what I imagined. Instead of doing everything for everyone, working harder, & longer, I began to set myself clear, healthy boundaries for what I would & wouldn’t accept. I learned to put myself & my needs first, rather than worry about what others thought/wanted/needed.

Establishing strong boundaries:

  • Demonstrates that you value yourself, & that others should value you, too.

  • Provides the confidence to ask for that raise or promotion.

  • Shifts you from operating from a place of fear & scarcity & competition on a daily basis in your life & work to one of confidence & abundance & creation - a COMPLETELY different energy.

  • Gives you the self-belief that you can do whatever you set your heart on.

  • Improves communication with others, & relationships, too - whether at work or in your personal life.

  • Your 'No' means 'No'; your 'Yes' means 'Yes' - imagine that!


It was an epiphany for me - that saying 'No' to others more often can actually have the effect of allowing more opportunity & abundance in your life; of saying 'Yes' to yourself; of saying, "You are worth it, & you are not just good enough, but you are amazing!"

Here’s the thing though…


I worked with a coach who helped me get clarity on how I wanted to live & work, to overhaul my self-confidence, & to mentor me through as I re-trained my muscles to set clear, healthy boundaries, practicing them daily - not putting myself & my needs last. It collapsed the timeline from the point I had my epiphany to the day I fulfilled my dream to finally have my own business that serves others to fulfil theirs. Best effing investment of my life - truth!

It set me on a path of learning to value myself first & foremost, minimising my reliance on the approval of others - it’s been liberating!


  • Being more YOU at work & how you lead, instead of leaving her at the door each morning.

  • Stepping into your power & confidence, so you can feel calm & poised in the workplace, asking for EXACTLY what you need,  without feeling you're being aggressive.

  • Setting clear, healthy boundaries, so you can assert yourself, doing life & work on your terms.

  • Speaking up & being heard, & being taken seriously, finally.

  • Turning down the volume on the inner critic so you can shine (& even get that sought-after senior executive position?)

Let's connect in a leadership strategy session

During this super-valuable session:

  • You'll receive a full diagnostic of your current leadership strategy and identify the quick wins that will accelerate you into your next position.

  • We'll identify key roadblocks preventing you from reaching your leadership goals, and what to do instead;

  • You'll learn the ONE essential hack to rise with grace above the ‘politics’ so your journey going where you want to go is far more pleasurable.


You’re doing everything you can to be ‘tapped’ for the next leadership position - working 10-hour days, leading or contributing to several strategic projects, double-hatting (or perhaps even triple-hatting!), taking on tasks well outside your job description.  You feel like you’re running all the time - to stay ahead as much to catch up. You’re a high performer & you’ve been described as “a safe pair of hands”...& yet…

You still haven’t got the nod from senior management.

  • You love adding value to the business and getting s*** done, but sometimes you wonder if it might be working against you.

  • You know you’ve got what it takes to be a great leader and you’re ready to make an impact, but you’re not sure other stakeholders see you that way.

  • You loathe networking or “self-promoting” preferring to let your good work speak for itself.

  • You want a stellar career that’s fulfilling, challenging, and makes an impact, but you’re not sure it’s possible to still maintain some life balance - it makes you hesitant to put yourself forward.

  • You’re beginning to think that being regarded as “a safe pair of hands” might be a handicap, that you’ll never get a shot - you’re reliable, and you outperform yourself; how could that be a hindrance?

  • You’re tired of being the best damned deputy or 2IC in town, and not getting a shot at directorship or executive level.

All of this is exhausting.

Truth: you’re exhausted because you are not being truly you

The reason you haven’t made it to the big chair is because everyone can see there is something not aligned in you.

You’re putting on a corporate suit at the door each morning that’s just a little too tight, and definitely not your style.

Being someone else every day IS exhausting.

Trying to fit yourself into someone else’s version of what they have defined for you IS draining. Feeling a constant pressure to perform to other’s expectations, someone else’s mould, all the while wondering what you could be doing differently, takes a lot of out of you.

There is a different way to make it to director or executive level that is pleasurable.

A way that’s more pleasurable, with a greater sense of ease (not ‘easy’; ‘ease’ - there’s a distinct difference).

A way that has you standing poised, and calm in your power, setting the tone for those around you.

A way that has you feeling more yourself - confident, in charge, asserting yourself without the fear and heated emotion that often goes with it.

A way that has you shining the light on your strengths and natural talents, and even finding a way to leverage what you think are your vulnerabilities, so you can influence those around you.

A way that has you able to turn down the dial on stress and anxiety and its drivers - experiencing confidence and abundance; not fear and scarcity.

A way that has you balancing life and work - it’s possible with the right tools.

A way that has you taking personal leadership so you can demonstrate your own style of business leadership.

A way that has you showing up in business as who YOU are.

I’ll be honest with you. When I sought feedback from current and former clients about the title of this program, the Womanly Art of Leadership, it was met with stony silence.

“I don’t like the reference to woman.”
“Leadership shouldn’t be about gender; it should be about competence.”

And that got me thinking even deeper…

By embracing your womanliness as your point of difference & your asset, you increase your strength & power as a leader & role model.
— Helen Fitness, success coach & mentor

By leaving your true self at the door, you’re playing a bit part in a play, instead of taking the lead role.

This is definitely NOT about ‘fixing’ you - everything you need is already inside you.

It’s about unlocking a more powerful woman that’s caged inside, dying to get out, to share herself and influence those around her, shape the world and leave a legacy.

Your womanliness is your difference AND your power.

  • Your natural talent for connection, relationships, and setting the tone is where your strength lies.
  • Your ability to see the big picture and still have the foresight to see the detail and ask the questions are your strengths.
  • Your sense of purpose in what you do - to add value and do a great job - and your ability to bring others along for the ride - that IS your strength.


the Womanly Art of Leadership® Program for corporate executives

During the Womanly Art of Leadership program, I help you embrace your difference to be an impactful leader & an inspiring role model.

Together we create the conditions for your leadership success. We train your brain to think differently about yourself and others, so you are more confident, more influential, more resilient, more productive - with more ease. No more fear. No more self-doubt. A poised, calm, womanly leader who is self-aware - she knows what she wants, and how to assert herself. A confident, influential role model, who brings her authentic self to work everyday.

every client IS unique, but typically the program covers:

  • Your power and point of difference in leadership is in being a woman. I help you to unlock the power that’s been hiding in a masculine suit waiting for the call-up.

  • How to think differently about yourself, your beliefs and behaviours so you can lead the charge of change in this Network Revolution, an age of thinking differently - change for yourself, your workplace, those around you, and those who come after you.

  • Leadership needs visionaries - I help you to step into that role by first creating your own vision of how you want to live and work, defining your purpose and legacy. Absolute clarity of purpose.

  • By shifting your perceptions, I show you how to stop being the best-kept secret in your industry, without icky self-promotion or relentless, soulless networking.

  • By turning down the volume on self-doubt, and negative self-talk, you’ll create the conditions for success in your life and career, and be able to nip it in the bud whenever it arises.

  • By accepting all parts of you - even the dark side of you - I show you how you can experience self-mastery with self-awareness, the trademarks of the best leaders.

  • Learn how creation beats competition every time - abundance vs scarcity, confidence vs fear.

  • Using my years of personal and corporate experience, I show you how DOING LESS BRINGS MORE of what you desire by setting clear, healthy boundaries and standing by them. It’s counter-intuitive but it works.

A coaching & mentoring program that draws out ALL of you so you can be an inspiring leader & role model

You are ready to take action and you’re accustomed to getting results. We’ll define clear goals so that after 90 days, you’ll be operating at a level you never imagined possible in such a short time!

You could wait for the organisation to invest in you, or you could make you & your career YOUR priority - your choice.

What’s included:

  • An initial virtual meeting of around one hour to establish rapport, identify current state, and immediate areas of focus, and to set the framework for the coaching relationship.

  • An in-depth Welcome Pack to establish your baseline - where you are now, where you want to be, so we can work on how to get you there.

  • A 90 mins Deep Dive session to establish personal goals and outcomes for the program, and to clear high-priority self-limiting beliefs and behaviours

  • 5 video training modules and playbooks to hone your leadership skills.

  • MP3s of all sessions so you can listen on demand.

  • Private Facebook forum access (ask me questions 24/7!)

  • Back-catalog and all new episodes of the Womanly Art of Leadership Sessions podcast.

  • Regular check-in on specific and measurable goals throughout the program.

  • Strengths assessment & debrief

  • Personality type assessment & debrief

  • 9 one-to-one sessions (three sessions per month)

  • Co-create your own personal development plan

  • Unlimited text and e-mail support during office hours

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I am really clear about who I can serve best, and 100% client satisfaction is important to me. Get in touch if this sounds like you:

  • You’re ready to execute on a career plan that will get you to the big chair - you’re done talking about it!

  • You have a deep desire to create an inspiring life and career (and a deep desire not to find yourself in the same physical and emotional space 90 days from now).

  • You're ready to commit - you're not looking for a quick fix; you're looking for sustainable change in your behavioural patterns and beliefs, so you can find the success you deserve.

  • You’re ready to invest in yourself to create the conditions for your success.

I seem to have found this confidence in myself that I haven’t had for some time, I’m enjoying the interaction with people and seeking out people rather than staying in my normal group. I am focused, interested and on top of my game.
— Jill M., Insurance industry professional, New Zealand