You’re in your next big role - a new venture, a new team, a wider scope, a bigger region.

Perhaps there’s even a relocation involved - new culture, new environment, new language.

This time - you want to do things differently.

This time - you want to have impact, be inspiring, create a high-performing team culture - and have fun!

If you’re asking questions like:

  • How do I create a high-performing, innovative culture?

  • How do I make a positive impact in this position?

  • How do I empower the team without losing sight of what’s going on?

  • How do I influence others when I don’t have direct control of them?

  • How can I be more confident, and add value when I don’t know everything about all aspects of the business now that the job is a wider scope?

  • How do I get comfortable with making decisions without all the data?

  • How do I manage my time and the demands of a new venture?

  • How do I stop managing (or worse - micro-managing) and start leading?

  • How can I turn around difficult team or client relationships?

  • How can I get the best out of EVERY team member, not just the ones who are more like me?

  • How do I learn to have difficult conversations, so I can be calm, confident, and in my power?

...then, we should talk.

I offer senior business leaders and founders tailor-made 6- and 12-month programs for sustainable growth, profitability, and impact, founded on cutting-edge principles of neuroscience.

TEAMS: I work with you and your new senior leadership team, to create a cohesive culture, encourage creativity, to create clear, effective communication, and a team primed for productivity and change.

A leader with 20 years' corporate experience at a Fortune Global 50 company, I am an independent thinking partner to private clients, and senior leadership teams to challenge the status quo and equip them for greater productivity now and in the future.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, I have an international client base with current clients in UK, France, Austria, and USA. I’m available for speaking engagements on leading in an A.I. world.

I can help you be a more impactful leader in your new role by doing things differently this time.

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Let's connect in a leadership strategy session

During this super-valuable session:

  • You'll receive a full diagnostic of your current leadership strategy and identify the quick wins that will accelerate your growth and productivity.

  • We'll identify key roadblocks preventing you from reaching your leadership goals, and what to do instead;

  • You'll learn the ONE essential hack to rise with grace above the ‘politics’ so your journey to where you want to go is far more pleasurable.

I wouldn’t have made the clear revelations about myself & about what I don’t want, without your help. You have given me tools to get “punchy & relevant” back. It is my job to use them.
— Kelly, Insurance Executive, London


the Womanly Art of Leadership® Program for senior business leaders & founders

During the Womanly Art of Leadership® program, I help you embrace your difference and explore a new leadership style to be an impactful leader and an inspiring role model.

Together we create the conditions for your leadership success. We train your brain to think differently about yourself and others, so you are more confident, more influential, more resilient, more productive - with more ease. No more fear. No more self-doubt.

A poised, calm, self-aware leader who sets the new standard for emotionally intelligent leadership.

every client IS unique, and programs are tailor-made according to need, but typically a program covers:

  • Identifying your power and point of difference in leadership. I help you to unlock the power that’s been hiding waiting for the call-up.

  • How to think differently about yourself, your beliefs and behaviours so you can lead the charge of change in this AI world, an age of thinking differently - change for yourself, your workplace, those around you, and those who come after you.

  • Leadership needs visionaries - I help you to step into that role by first creating your own vision of how you want to live and work, defining your purpose and the legacy you want to leave behind. Absolute clarity of purpose.

  • Learn to put relationships at the heart of your success. Success comes from how you relate to yourself and others. It’s a level of emotional intelligence most leaders don’t develop. You can be unique in your field by focusing on them.

  • By turning down the volume on self-doubt, and negative self-talk, you’ll create the conditions for success in your life and career, and be able to nip it in the bud whenever it arises.

  • By accepting all parts of you - even the dark side of you - I show you how you can experience self-mastery with self-knowledge, self-awareness, and self-regulation, trademarks of the best leaders.

  • Learn how creation beats competition every time - think abundance vs scarcity, confidence vs fear.

  • Using my years of personal and corporate experience, I show you how DOING LESS BRINGS MORE of what you desire by setting clear, healthy boundaries and standing by them. It’s counter-intuitive but it works.

A coaching & development program that draws out ALL of you so you can be an inspiring leader & role model

You are ready to take action & you’re accustomed to getting results. We’ll define clear goals so that, you’ll be operating at a level you never imagined possible.

What’s included:

  • An initial virtual meeting of around one hour to establish rapport, identify current state, and immediate areas of focus, and to set the framework for the coaching relationship.

  • An in-depth Welcome Pack to establish your baseline - where you are now, and where you want to be, so we can work on how to get you there.

  • A 90-mins Deep Dive session to establish personal goals and outcomes for the program, and to clear high-priority self-limiting beliefs and behaviours.

  • 10 one-to-one sessions of up to 90 mins each during 12 months, during which time you can ask anything, personal or professional, confident in the knowledge that any concerns or challenges remain completely confidential.

  • At least one VIP day per program to define your legacy, create a vision, define a strategy, dig deep on obstacles and challenges, and create your roadmap forward.

  • MP3s of all sessions so you can listen on demand and get even more breakthroughs.

  • Activities in between sessions to practice new behaviours, beliefs, and explore new leadership styles.

  • Unlimited text, voice message and e-mail support during office hours - priceless value! Me in your back pocket on-demand.

  • Back-catalog and all new episodes of the Womanly Art of Leadership® Sessions podcast.

  • Regular check-in on specific and measurable goals throughout the program.

  • Strengths assessment and debrief to know how to leverage them.

  • Personality type assessment and debrief to develop self-knowledge, self-awareness, self-regulation and self-mastery - the hallmarks of great leadership.

  • Free access to Your Hidden Mind®, a system that helps reduce intense emotions like stress, anxiety, fear and anger by rewiring neural networks, one of the principles of neuroscience, for the period of time we work together.

  • An in-depth i4 Neuroleader 360 Assessment and debrief, a unique neurobiology-based leadership & wellbeing tool that helps identify and measure the competencies of PerformanceCollaborationInnovation and Agility, essential to 21st century workplace environments.

before you click the button…


I am really clear about who I can serve best, and 100% client satisfaction is important to me. Get in touch if this sounds like you:

  • You’re a senior business leader - CEO, senior executive or business founder who wants to do things differently this time, and make a positive impact on others and the world.

  • You're ready to commit to growing - opening your mind and expanding your horizons. You're not looking for a quick fix or a sugar-coated pill to pop. You're looking for sustainable change in your behavioural patterns and beliefs, so you can experience the success and impact you desire.

  • You have a deep desire to do things differently, and make an impact. This is not about “short-term-ism” or measuring your success only by financial metrics.

  • You’re ready to invest in yourself to create the conditions for your success and the success of your team, THEN…

I seem to have found this confidence in myself that I haven’t had for some time. I’m enjoying the interaction with people & seeking out people rather than staying in my normal group. I am focused, interested & on top of my game.
— Jill Murphy, Insurance Executive, New Zealand