Gwenda Phillips of Your Hidden Mind #1

Gwenda Phillips is co-founder and CEO of Your Hidden Mind, as well as a leader at a global bank based in Sydney, Australia. Your Hidden Mind is a fascinating system that helps to improve your performance and release fears and intense emotional responses. We discuss the system, and how it has impacted our behaviour.

Kanelli Scalcoyannis - Finding Your Femininity

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Kanelli Scalcoyannis is a life coach, and an ex-corporate queen, with over 20 years’ experience working in the advertising and media industry in a masculine environment. Based in Athens, Greece, She shares how her experience led her to hide her ‘femininity’ and how being out of touch with her real self led to hormonal health issues.

[Special Episode] Helen Fitness on “Happy Hour with Ollia”, Radio Enghien, Paris

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A special episode this week, as the host of Womanly Art of Leadership Sessions, Helen Fitness, appears as a guest on the weekly show “Happy Hour with Ollia” on French radio station Radio Enghien IDFM98 (in English). She discusses women's leadership, and in particular some of the issues that impact women in their journey to leadership, as well as some big, meaty topics like the current social environment. For rights reasons, we cannot air the music she chose for the show. For the full experience of the interview, you can search for the tracks on Youtube. They were: Can’t Hold Us (Macklemore), September (Earth, Wind & Fire), London’s Calling (The Clash), What’s Going On (Marvin Gaye).

Michelle Gyimah - Women and Money

Michelle Gyimah

Michelle Gyimah is a UK-based Women & Money empowerment coach. She shares her experience of the shame and guilt she suffered through crippling debt, and how she came to learn that WOMEN MUST TALK MONEY if there is to be gender parity in pay. She describes how talking money has enriched her life and her relationships. A powerful episode!

Dana Dinnawi - Food & Leadership

Dana Dinnawi

Dana Dinnawi is a health and wellness lifestyle coach based in Cairo, Egypt. She shares with us how taking charge of our food leads to a ripple effect in other areas of our lives, including career and relationships.

Alba Gomez - Personal Brand Matters

Alba Gomez, an Australian-based Colombian engineer turned personal brand expert talks about why personal brand is important to the success of a woman in leadership – and it’s not what you think! Alba gives practical advice about how to first define your brand, and the key ingredient to personal brand.

Alba Gomez

Carri Adcock in Silicon Valley

Carri Adcock

Carri Adcock experienced great success in a career spanning 20+ years in the technology industry in Silicon Valley – her most recent roles were created specifically for her, before she left to become a sustainable success coach. She shares how she coped with an environment that famously marginalises women, and the biggest, and longest learned lesson to her success.

Excerpt: Carri Adcock, A Woman in Silicon Valley

Womanly Art of Leadership

Welcome to the Womanly Art of Leadership Sessions - the podcast. Listen to an excerpt of my interview with Carri Adcock, a woman who crushed it in leadership in Silicon Valley. Then subscribe to get more full episodes!

Welcome to the Womanly Art of Leadership Sessions!

Welcome to this week’s Womanly Art of Leadership Session.


And this is my first ever podcast. I’ve been cogitating starting a podcast for years. As a student at school in NZ I would pretend to be a DJ with my brothers with phone-in guests on the show. At college I was involved in the school radio station, playing angsty 80s music and punk. I thought I was dead cool, though I was really kind of nerdy. The seed of an idea to do an audio show was there all those years ago. There is something about audio shows that open the mind and tickle the imagination and creativity.