Nerissa Naidu - The Case for Male Advocates

Nerissa Naidu is head of Strategy, Chief Operating Officer and chair of the Audit Committee of subsidiaries of a Fortune 500 insurer. She speaks to us about how her life and career has been influenced by having strong, supportive, male advocates in her life, with her outlook of what is possible in life being deeply affected by Nelson Mandela, in her native South Africa.

Dawn Miller - Diversifying the Insurance Industry


Dawn Miller is president and CEO of AXA Insurance Company (US), based in New York. She is also a strong advocate of women’s advancement as the global lead for AXA’s Women As Entrepreneurs initiative. In this episode, she talks about the opportunity the insurance industry has to attract a diverse workforce that will frame and sustain a rapidly changing, dynamic industry.

Shawn Neff - Live-saving Decision-making

Shawn Neff is a success coach, who helps transform people into CEOS, capable of running both profitable businesses and a flourishing home life. At the young age of 19, when she became the youngest female paramedic/search and rescue specialist in Northern Michigan. She applies the high intensity decision-making process she learned in her search and rescue days to her clients to use in their business and personal lives.