Dr Sabine Wünschmann - Holistic Gynaecologist and Obstetrician

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Dr Sabine Wünschmann is a cutting edge holistic Gynaecologist and Obstetrician in private practice with over 30 years serving women internationally. Classically-trained,  obstetrician/gynaecologist, she is also the founder of Hormone Harmony, an online 1:1 program helping women in Menopause and Perimenopause heal naturally from symptoms related to hormonal imbalances. She guides women to vibrant hormonal health using homeopathy, herbs, supplements, and functional medicine in her practice to help her clients thrive, sleep better, reduce menopause symptoms, migraines, PMS and other women’s health issues. She talks about how our longevity and pace of life are having an adverse effect on the body’s hormonal support. She offers a 3 part video series on Hormone Imbalance, where she defines all the symptoms, the risks and more.

Laura Lee Wood - Dating & the Executive Woman

Laura Lee Wood is a certified dating expert, relationship coach, and certified matchmaker. She practiced law for over a decade before she made the transition into dating, love, and relationship coaching for high-achievers. Laura works with successful, smart, high achieving women and men who have success in every area, except love. She helps her clients to open their hearts up to loving again to create a remarkable, lasting love relationship.

Jacquie Somerville - Living a Life Unleashed.

Jacquie Somerville is a best-selling author, speaker, and mentor, but really none of these describe her as well as her brand name describes her – she is a Divine Vixen. She is recognised as a woman with immense courage who lives from the heart – she's been married a few times, immigrated twice, been fat, slim, broke, rich, and followed her gut to a life of excitement, adventure, passion, and purpose. She speaks today about allowing your heart to lead your life.

Julie-Ann Clyma - Leadership Lessons from the Mountains

Julie-Ann Clyma is an inspiring woman. A leadership coach and one of only 100 women out of 6000 qualified World Class Mountain Guides in the world, she has 30 years’ experience leading teams and individuals in volatile and demanding environments - some of the harshest in the world, from K2 in China to the Matterhorn. She talks of the lessons alpine mountaineering has taught her, and how they can be applied to the corporate world.