Maxine Nwaneri - Asking for More

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Maxine Nwaneri is a certified life and career success coach, international speaker, and #1 Amazon international bestselling author - but that doesn’t cover the half of it.

She has worked with women on 5 continents, helping them achieve “work-life harmony” so they experience a sense of peace, purpose and success in both work and their family lives.  

She is on a mission to help at least 1000 women on each continent escape what the Economist have called “The Birth Penalty” by 2028.  This penalty describes the hit many women’s careers and/or pay take as they struggle to find balance after becoming mothers. She is passionate about helping these women create beyond their wildest dreams the career success without family sacrifice that she knows is possible for them.
Maxine’s 5 Secrets are available here

Cath Harris - Leading a Social Enterprise, One World Women

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Cath is a talented entrepreneur with a passion for helping women reach their professional potential. After experiencing burnout from working in the creative industry, a vacation to The Gambia with a friend in early 2018 set her on a very different path, and changed her life.

Her social enterprise, One World Women, is set to turn personal development on its head by combining voluntary work, coaching, and sustainable travel.  An advocate for gender equality and on a heart-led mission, Cath is leading a movement for businesswomen, the world over.


Dinisha Sigamoney - Choosing A Revolutionary Life

Dinesha Sigamoney’s life's work has always been about Justice, regardless of the job description or container. Having experienced a successful and intense career in Forensics, she took a hiatus returning to her South African home, where she felt compelled to create an international footprint, effectively in the name of justice. Her own story and experience have birthed the movement, I Dream Free, described as “a Foundation for Revolutionary Thinkers,” a movement she hopes will be the call for every soul to inhabit.

Dinisha Sigamoney

5 Steps to Fast-track Your Success

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In this episode I share with you what I have learned about the path to success and how being bodily connected to your goals is the difference between success and failure, views supported by the likes of Tony Robbins. In a nutshell, 1. Have absolute clarity 2. Be fierce! 3. Be intentional and two other surprising secrets.

Laura Lee Wood - Dating & the Executive Woman

Laura Lee Wood is a certified dating expert, relationship coach, and certified matchmaker. She practiced law for over a decade before she made the transition into dating, love, and relationship coaching for high-achievers. Laura works with successful, smart, high achieving women and men who have success in every area, except love. She helps her clients to open their hearts up to loving again to create a remarkable, lasting love relationship.

Jacquie Somerville - Living a Life Unleashed.

Jacquie Somerville is a best-selling author, speaker, and mentor, but really none of these describe her as well as her brand name describes her – she is a Divine Vixen. She is recognised as a woman with immense courage who lives from the heart – she's been married a few times, immigrated twice, been fat, slim, broke, rich, and followed her gut to a life of excitement, adventure, passion, and purpose. She speaks today about allowing your heart to lead your life.

Nerissa Naidu - The Case for Male Advocates

Nerissa Naidu is head of Strategy, Chief Operating Officer and chair of the Audit Committee of subsidiaries of a Fortune 500 insurer. She speaks to us about how her life and career has been influenced by having strong, supportive, male advocates in her life, with her outlook of what is possible in life being deeply affected by Nelson Mandela, in her native South Africa.

Julie-Ann Clyma - Leadership Lessons from the Mountains

Julie-Ann Clyma is an inspiring woman. A leadership coach and one of only 100 women out of 6000 qualified World Class Mountain Guides in the world, she has 30 years’ experience leading teams and individuals in volatile and demanding environments - some of the harshest in the world, from K2 in China to the Matterhorn. She talks of the lessons alpine mountaineering has taught her, and how they can be applied to the corporate world.

Rosanne Austin - From Maybe to Baby

Rosanne Austin is a California-based Fertility Mindset Coach - yes, there is such a thing! As a former member of an elite team of sexual assault prosecutors, she describes her pursuit of motherhood, going from working in an intensely masculine environment to trying to do the intensely feminine act of conceiving. It’s a powerful story - with a happy ending!

Greg Zimmerman - Mindfulness

Greg Zimmerman is an investment consultant, marketing manager and Mindfulness advocate. He explains Mindfulness, how we came to it, how his daily Mindfulness practice has elevated his work and personal relationships, and how to get started on your own practice.

Michael Laidler & Julie Wilson - Womanly Influences in Law Enforcement

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I speak with a couple of Law Enforcement professionals about the influences women have in leadership in this traditionally masculine environment. Michael Laidler has spent a number of years in Law Enforcement in the US - police force, border patrol, and now the Bureau of Prisons where he is a lieutenant in Louisiana, and is also a leadership coach, certified trainer and keynote speaker. Julie Wilson is a communications specialist with leadership experience primarily in law enforcement and public safety communications.

Shawn Neff - Live-saving Decision-making

Shawn Neff is a success coach, who helps transform people into CEOS, capable of running both profitable businesses and a flourishing home life. At the young age of 19, when she became the youngest female paramedic/search and rescue specialist in Northern Michigan. She applies the high intensity decision-making process she learned in her search and rescue days to her clients to use in their business and personal lives.

Anne-Marie Elder - Bringing Your Whole Self to Leadership

Anne-Marie Elder is Chief Underwriting Officer, for Marine insurance in North America for a Bermuda-based company, XL Catlin. Included in the Insurance Business America Elite Women 2016 roll of honour, she is based in Connecticut, USA, with over 25 years in the industry, and a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy. She talks about how coming out about her sexuality made her a better leader with a more successful career.

Gladis Sahlani - Only Girl in the Room

An executive in the FinTech industry based in London, Gladis Sahlani has experienced success working in the Middle East and East Africa, where she was frequently the only woman in the room. She discusses how she approached this, what she learned about the power of her femininity, and the role models she had growing up in Lebanon.

Carolina Klint - Achieving Gender Representation

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Carolina Klint, CEO of the North West Region (Continental Europe) of Marsh, Inc discusses her jungle gym of a career path, authentic leadership, and how she achieved 50% gender representation in her leadership team within 2 - 3 years. An impactful leader and inspiring role model.

Jeannette Lichner - Preparing for Success

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Jeannette Lichner is an accomplished corporate regulatory advisor with over 30 years’ experience leading business. She shares practical guidance about what women can do to prepare themselves for career success, including how to prepare yourself for a board position.

Gwenda Phillips of Your Hidden Mind - Bonus episode #2

Gwenda Phillips is co-founder and CEO of Your Hidden Mind, as well as a leader at a global bank based in Sydney, Australia. Your Hidden Mind is a fascinating system that helps to improve your performance and release fears and intense emotional responses. This is an unplanned part 2 to the earlier session. As we kept talking about the Your Hidden Mind system, we decided to do a demonstration - and the results were amazing!

Gwenda Phillips of Your Hidden Mind #1

Gwenda Phillips is co-founder and CEO of Your Hidden Mind, as well as a leader at a global bank based in Sydney, Australia. Your Hidden Mind is a fascinating system that helps to improve your performance and release fears and intense emotional responses. We discuss the system, and how it has impacted our behaviour.

Kanelli Scalcoyannis - Finding Your Femininity

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Kanelli Scalcoyannis is a life coach, and an ex-corporate queen, with over 20 years’ experience working in the advertising and media industry in a masculine environment. Based in Athens, Greece, She shares how her experience led her to hide her ‘femininity’ and how being out of touch with her real self led to hormonal health issues.

[Special Episode] Helen Fitness on “Happy Hour with Ollia”, Radio Enghien, Paris

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A special episode this week, as the host of Womanly Art of Leadership Sessions, Helen Fitness, appears as a guest on the weekly show “Happy Hour with Ollia” on French radio station Radio Enghien IDFM98 (in English). She discusses women's leadership, and in particular some of the issues that impact women in their journey to leadership, as well as some big, meaty topics like the current social environment. For rights reasons, we cannot air the music she chose for the show. For the full experience of the interview, you can search for the tracks on Youtube. They were: Can’t Hold Us (Macklemore), September (Earth, Wind & Fire), London’s Calling (The Clash), What’s Going On (Marvin Gaye).