Are you ready to:


  • Put yourself first for a change, and take back control of your life?

  • Draw a line in the sand and say “Enough with the corporate gig! There's more to life than this!”

  • Create your most extraordinary life and business - completely your own design, your own desires?

What if….

  • There was a more fulfilling life waiting for you just around the corner?
  • It was closer than you think?
  • It was already waiting for you to say “Oui?!”

Imagine this…

You flew in to Paris last night. You woke up this morning in a quaint boutique hotel and realised….

You have your whole day ahead of you - just for yourself.

No need to rush to another meeting, or beat the traffic to attend a conference. No checking emails, no phone calls to take. Nowhere to be and nothing else to do besides taking care of YOU. And you know exactly how you want to spend your day...


After years of being dictated to every moment of your work day by someone else, fulfilling someone else’s expectations and needs, you'RE finally TAKING time from your demanding schedule to give yourself a gift. 

This is an experience you have been longing for - the day you get to say “yes” to yourself, to your dreams, to your future…. 

And today is the day you get to open your mind and  your creativity, to explore the possibilities, and paint the picture of what an extraordinary life and business could actually look like in reality.

You have booked yourself your first ever private destination intensive in Paris,

with a coach and mentor who knows exactly how you feel, and what’s possible, because not too long ago she was exactly where you are now.

On the way to meet your coach and mentor in her uniquely Parisian apartment, you stop for a café and enjoy the most delicate macaron you have had in your entire life and a thought crosses your mind - 


… to feel like this; to feel free and back in control of your life; so you could decide what is important, and what, when and how you get things done; so you can design your days to your own schedule, not someone else's.

Your coach and mentor for the day, Helen Fitness, is waiting for you with fine jasmine tea to sustain you through the day, and Champagne to celebrate you and the journey that brought you to this moment - where everything you truly desire, can actually happen.

You see yourself...

...And suddenly you realise, it is not a dream;
it is not “some day”; it can be yours NOW. 



Of all the places in the world, if you were going to create a plan for your extraordinary life and business, THIS is the place to do it.

Before entering the beautiful Parisian apartment, you glance at the message Helen sent you and it sinks in - you can create an extraordinary life and business of your own design!  

This is the beginning of something big, and YOU created this opportunity with just one powerful decision -

the decision to take back control; the decision that you would no longer accept less for yourself; the decision to invest in you and your future.


You understand there are many decisions yet to make, and at the same time you feel calm and relaxed, because you know, you are not alone - not anymore. The excitement of something new washes over you as you ring the doorbell. As the door opens, you see Helen’s smiling and welcoming face, and as you cross the threshold, you step right into your bright, shiny new future.

Trailing Rose FB.png


- a city that takes time out of its busy day to enjoy life and appreciate good food. A perfectly placed Hermés scarf across its shoulders, Paris is like being in love. If you desire more elegance, more style, and perhaps even more femininity in your life and business, Paris beckons!



In one day of laser coaching, we can achieve so much! 

It's like doing 3-months’ worth of transformational work in just a few hours, resulting in a focused plan to achieve what you desire.

during a private intensive we create A CALM, CLEAR container OF uninterrupted TIME WHERE OUR ONLY FOCUS IS YOU and what you desire in life and business.

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Every experience is unique, just as every client’s needs are unique. A private intensive program typically includes:

  1. An in-depth Welcome Pack to get to know you, your thoughts, values and aspirations;
  2. A one-hour pre-intensive call to understand exactly where you are now in your life and business so you can level set and find ground zero;
  3. 6 hours in a beautiful, bright, serene Parisienne apartment environment to help trigger your creativity and open your mind to the possibilities awaiting you.

We will:

- Explore what lights you up and gives you energy, so you can find a way to do more of it!

- Paint a picture of your extraordinary life and business so you can clearly see what it looks like and how it would feel to achieve it;

- Get crystal clear on the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your life and business, to feed your ideas of how to get there;

- Gently uncover areas of your life causing you stress that may be hidden from view (what causes pain and fear are seldom what we immediately think);


- Dig into what stops you from achieving your extraordinary life and business, and challenging you to wash away any old beliefs, behavioural and thought patterns that no longer serve you. This is powerful work and where the real transformation takes place.

- Reveal all your strengths and talents - the obvious, those you hide under a bushel, and those you didn’t even know you had - so you build your confidence and self-awareness

- Establish meaningful goals that you feel connected to, and make you beam from ear to ear just to speak about them

Only when we have done all of this work together will we spend time creating a clear, practical plan to breathe life into all those wonderfully creative and passionate ideas you generate!

4. A one-hour post-intensive call to check in with your progress, to tweak your plan and meet any obstacles head-on.

5. Responsive email support from first contact to the last.

By day’s end, you’ll be super-clear on how you want to live and work, the woman you are and the woman you need to be to get there, the inspired action steps you need to take to get there, and how you can start to live your extraordinary life and business TODAY!

The investment in your future - just €2,000*

*plus sales tax where required.

oui! It sounds perfect for me - tell me more!

P.S. Now booking February, and limited availability in March. Commit to yourself and your future today. Let's discuss your needs.


Here's what my client has to say about working with me...

Helen made me reach further inside, think more deeply and be honest. She has a way of drawing out feelings and thoughts that challenge me into thinking differently.
— Jill Murphy, Global Insurance Professional, New Zealand

Helen Fitness is a success coach & mentor to the ambitious woman, helping her uncover her unshakeable power & confidence, take back control of her life, & silence the inner critic that holds her back from living & working as she truly desires - creating her own kind of wonderful. After 20 years excelling in a corporate career, Helen knew she was capable of more, craving a life of more meaning. She designed her own extraordinary life & business, serving her passion for helping others create their own opportunities, globe-trotting & glorious food. She lives in her heartland, Paris, with a puss called Clafoutis.


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