You've got the job you dreamed of, the one that scares you as much as it excites you, the one that you're quietly amazed you got, in the face of some stiff competition. It's a big step up & you're over the moon! (You should be!)

Then reality sets in:

  • You've gone from having one or two matrix reports as a team leader to a team of 30, spread across as many countries or states. Suddenly, you're not going to know every single issue that crosses their desks.

  • You're no longer an individual contributor, but a key strategic leader, setting direction & shaping the future of the organisation, & that requires a whole different level of skills.

  • Perhaps, you're relocating too, as part of the package - uprooting yourself, your home & family to a new country or state, a new culture. That all has its own set of worries.

the reality is...

it's a huge position!

it's going to be a massive challenge.

it's a lot of change to deal gracefully with all at once.

so what's your plan to make an impact in your first 90 days of leadership?

Leadership is ultimately about influence & leverage. It’s the first 90 days that set the tone for the rest of your leadership journey.

My experience has taught me this one key thing & I share it with you now...What got you here, will not get you there.

as a corporate executive with 20 years' experience in complex, multinational environments, i've made the big leap into some big positions a few times:

  • From a senior role in a small team in New Zealand; to
  • A regional position in Australasia based in Melbourne; to
  • My first massively challenging, European role based in Paris, leading a part of the business in over 20 European countries with as many languages & cultures; to
  • A global leadership role based in London, while most of my colleagues were based in New York. Influencing stakeholders 360 degrees to me, & virtual teams across borders were my biggest challenges...

...made all the more difficult because I had not given myself the space & time to consider what type of leader I wanted to be. My experience was also overlaid with the usual challenges of relocating to a new country, new culture, & new languages.

My experience has taught me this one key thing & I share it with you now...


What got you here won't get you there.


It's true what they say...

What served you in your last position isn’t going to work in this one - GUARANTEED. A new position, a new environment, a new set of rules, requires a new approach to leadership.

When there are multiple stakeholders, multiple regions, & countries, with everyone putting their own needs & agenda first, things get very tough very quickly, without the right support.

The inner critic gremlins will show up (if they haven’t already);

  • “What if I can’t do it?”
  • “What if they don't think I've got what it takes?”
  • “Who am I to be in this room?”

I know this because I experienced it myself in all the regional & global positions I held. The transition to a position of influence & leadership each time was a massive step because it challenged everything I knew & understood - about how the corporate world works, about what was important to stakeholders, & most importantly, it challenged everything I knew & understood about myself - my behaviours & beliefs.

I had to fundamentally change how I see myself - & I'm not going to lie, it took me a while to figure that out.

With a big, new, complex position, it’s your perfect opportunity to start afresh, to do things differently this time, & to make a lasting positive impact on the organisation & others. The first step to doing that is to take a look in the mirror...

The sign of a great leader is self-awareness.

The formula I like to work to with my clients is:

self-knowledge + self-awareness = self-mastery.

Emotional intelligence like this is a common trait of great leaders - & here's the thing...

Women have oceans of it!

For the most part, women have put a lid on our gift as competitiveness & ruling with fear have been more valued. That's an Industrial Age style of leadership that has no place in the age of AI. We've tried to squeeze ourselves into a more masculine style of leadership, & it's been an uncomfortable fit - like squeezing yourself into someone else's suit that's two sizes too small.

Now you've got the big-ass leadership position,


 - with your own style of leadership, not a man-shaped, cookie-cutter style.

I invite you to your very own private Womanly Art of Leadership® Salon in Paris.

One day dedicated to you in a luxe Parisien environment to open your mind & heart to a fresh, new way of doing things in your new, exciting & challenging role.

The Womanly Art of Leadership® Salon is not about statistical norms and distribution curves.

It’s not about production metrics and big data.

This day is about YOU.


Because when you look in the mirror & see a leader, business leadership flows organically.

When you are self-aware, & you are clear about the type of leader you want to be so you can make an impact, successful business leadership falls into place.

A private Womanly Art of Leadership® Salon is a safe, impartial space to answer the questions you won’t have a moment to contemplate once you start the position - things like:

  • “What kind of leader do I want to be?”
  • “What impact do I want to make?”
  • “What does success look like for me?”
  • “Who do I need to be?”
  • "What do I need to create impact in the first 90 days?"

Take it from me - those first 90 days fly by in a blur, usually with lots of travel to meet all your new stakeholders, & a relentless string of new demands in a strange new environment. You go from being the one who knows everything to the one who knows nothing!


I'll be honest - I WISH I'd had the opportunity of a Leadership Salon when I began my first big-ass European role.

It would have taken a lot of pain out of the years it took me to figure out how to influence without authority, establish & nurture key relationships, influence virtual teams, & get clear on the type of leader I want to be, & the impact I want to make.

Every private Leadership Salon is unique, just as every client’s needs are unique. In your private Womanly Art of Leadership® Salon you will:

  • Get clear on your purpose - the foundation of cutting edge purpose-driven, conscious, human-centred leadership theories, & other developing leadership trends, imperative for an AI world.
  • Establish your guiding principles of how you want to lead for impact, & the qualities you want your team to display.

  • Know & love your strengths, find ways to leverage them, & learn to see the things you're less proud of as a 'warning system', for greatest impact.

  • Get honest with your blocks & your inner critic, fully acknowledging them, understanding them, & recognising their value as a warning signal of a 'system malfunction'.

  • Learn from an experienced executive the skills you'll need to be seen as a leader, to learn to influence others, & increase your confidence & presence.

  • Establish an operating rhythm & a plan for your first 90 days of your new leadership position, so you can set the tone & create the conditions for leadership success.

It’s like a pre-season shakedown to iron out the kinks, get rid of the baggage, & prepare yourself to burst onto the scene.

what clients are saying...

Helen comes from the corporate world. She has walked in my shoes & knows my world. She gets me. She also has heard all my excuses & calls me out on them. Yes, that can sometimes be uncomfortable, but one thing I have learned from working with Helen is that staying in my comfort zone isn’t how I will achieve my goals.
— Helen Berry, insurance executive, London, UK

Your private Womanly Art of Leadership® Salon includes:

  • A pre-Salon session to connect prior, to set the agenda for the day.
  • One day of laser leadership coaching in an apartment Parisien, to open your mind & heart to a new way of doing things in your exciting, new leadership position.
  • Limo pickup/return from your central Paris hotel.
  • A gorgeous French bistro lunch, & refreshments throughout the day.
  • A Womanly Art of Leadership® Salon Preparation Guide, to help you get into the best state possible to to maximise your time with me in Paris.
  • An in-depth Welcome Pack to help you reflect on where you are now & the outcomes you want to achieve (to complete prior to arrival).
  • A Strengths Assessment, to identify your super-power, &;
  • A Personality Assessment, both of which we may refer to during the Salon (to complete prior).
  • [BONUS] A copy of my Executive Woman's Guide to Journaling - it's a secret weapon to help solve challenges creatively & expansively.
  • [BONUS] My personalised Womanly Art of Leadership® Paris guide with some of my favourite haunts (think day spas, restaurants, & attractions the locals visit!)

Here's how it works:

  • There is a short application to complete in the booking process for the Womanly Art of Leadership® Salon. It's not long or invasive. My team needs to ensure that a private Leadership Salon is right for you. I don't want to waste your time, if it's not appropriate for you.
  • During the call you've booked, you'll have the opportunity to ask any questions about the Leadership Salon, to discuss the outcome you'd like to achieve, & to see if we're a fit to work together.
  • Once we've both agreed you're a fit for the Salon, & you've made payment, we'll agree the day you'd like to have your pre-Salon call, and the day you'd like to have the Salon.
  • You'll receive a welcome email with everything you need to know included, as well as activities to prepare you for the day.

That simple!


In one day of laser coaching, we can achieve so much! 

It's like doing 3-months’ worth of transformational work in just a few hours, resulting in a focused plan to achieve what you desire in your first 90 days in your new leadership role.

During a private intensive we create a calm, clear container of uninterrupted time where our only focus is you & your leadership.

what clients are saying...

...Helen picked up on exactly what I was looking for & I felt a buzz of motivation to work with her. She helped me dig deeper into my motivations to make connections between my purpose in life & my purpose at work, & I felt like I had found the words & the gut feeling to express my true self in the pitch [to senior management]...
— Lauren Town, Telecommunications, Paris, France
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paris - WHY EVER NOT?


- a city that takes time out of its busy day to enjoy life & appreciate good food. A perfectly placed Hermés scarf across its shoulders, Paris is like being in love. If you desire more elegance, more style, & perhaps even more femininity in your life & career, Paris beckons!

Set the tone for the type of leader you want to be - with the easy sophistication of Paris.

By day’s end, you’ll be super-clear on the sort of leader you want to be, the impact you want to make, the woman you need to present to the world, leaving with a clear plan for your first 90 days in your exciting, new leadership position.

The investment in your leadership success is

USD 3,500 BUT

until 9th Sept 2018, I'm offering a huge

USD 1,000 off!

Oui! It sounds parfait pour moi!

P.S. A limited number of places are available before 9th Sept 2018 at USD 2,500 for your personalised Womanly Art of Leadership® Salon to prepare you for a September start in your new, exciting, challenging position.

With an extra USD 1,000 in your purse, that's a gorgeous new outfit from Galeries Lafayette you can buy to wear when you start your new position!

make. it. happen.

what clients are saying..

I had been working by myself on putting the important things first & creating goals for the year. Helen made me reach further inside, think more deeply & be honest. She has a way of drawing out feelings & thoughts that challenge me into thinking differently.
— Jill Murphy, global insurance executive, New Zealand

Helen Fitness is a success coach & mentor to executive women. She helps them to design & create their own style of leadership, not a cookie-cutter, man-shaped style. After 20 years excelling in a corporate career that spanned the globe in the insurance industry, Helen is intent in seeing more women in leadership - confidently themselves & loving it! She left the corporate world to establish her own leadership coaching & consultancy practice based in her heartland Paris, with international clients (private individuals & corporates). She inherited a cat called Clafoutis, who runs the joint.


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