I’m on a mission....to change the dynamic in the boardroom by throwing open the windows to bring greater diversity of ideas, creativity & innovation. With more inclusive leadership, & in particular, more women in leadership, organisations can equip themselves for the changing face of their workforce, & their customers.

Ultimately, I’m passionate about shifting the quality of leadership from an Industrial Age 'command & rule' model that has outstayed its welcome, to an agile, fast-paced people-first & network-connected leadership which is more important than ever.


I work with women & their teams in their first executive or senior executive roles, ideally in the first 90 days to set the tone for their leadership. I create bespoke ‘Womanly Art of Leadership®’ packages according to organisational & personal needs that result in sustainable behavioural change, improved performance & greater well-being for the executive & their teams. Working with an executive & her team to be more effective has the ripple effect of influencing the dynamic of the organisation at large for greater productivity. My leadership coaching philosophy is grounded in neuroscience, people-first & authentic leadership principles, & positive psychology.

Partnering with internal stakeholders e.g. the business, HR, Inclusion & Diversity, I work with them to identify organisational needs to elevate performance, embed a change culture, & bring out the creativity in teams. I design & deliver workshops that support leaders in delivering on strategic initiatives. Examples of work include:

  • Design & facilitation of creative visioning, innovation & strategic planning workshops to break out the new ideas to keep the organisation market-leading.

  • Team coaching sessions to create cohesive, inclusive teams with a common purpose, to train their brains for flexibility, so they can thrive on change with resilience.

  • Leading leaders to address gender balance and unconscious bias, with 1:1 coaching.

  • Personal leadership workshops specifically targeting female talent pipeline to boost confidence & job effectiveness.

  • I incorporate the neuroscience of memory re-consolidation into my workshops. The system addresses stress & emotional fatigue in teams, & prepares them to train their brain for flexibility, making way for clearer decision-making & greater productivity.


I seem to have found this confidence in myself that I haven’t had for some time, I’m enjoying the interaction with people & seeking out people rather than staying in my normal group. I am focused, interested & on top of my game. [It] allows me to be more “me”. I think that is showing through in my overall persona & I am being rewarded in the way people are treating me in return.
— Insurance Industry Professional, New Zealand