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The Executive’s Guide to Journaling:

Write Your Way to Less Stress, Better Relationships and More Impactful and Inspiring Leadership.

  • Despite being a high performer, you’re hiding a secret that you feel like your life is unraveling behind the scenes.

  • Your laser-focus has been on your career the last 20 years—you’re exhausted, and you’re questioning whether it was all worth it despite the financial rewards and reputation.

  • You’re at a career crossroads—you’re not sure whether to keep going “all in” or do something different. This shows up as hesitation which chips away at how you show up at work.

  • Your exacting standards to which you work (and expect everyone else to work) is both a blessing and a curse—you end up doing everything yourself.

  • Outwardly, you’re a kick-ass, high-performing executive. Inwardly, you feel you’re not good enough, your self-worth tied up in how much you’re paid. You’re not fully yourself at work or in your personal life.

and if you were honest with yourself, what you’re afraid of losing is…

  • Your reputation and status.

  • Your 6-figure salary, bonus and long-term incentives.

  • Your mental and physical health—there are already worrying signs like anxiety, migraines, digestive issues.

  • Your personal and work relationships—stress, emotional outbursts, defensiveness all drive them.

It’s a cognitive dissonance—how can someone so high-performing, so good at what they do, so inspiring to others feel like this??

How you’re feeling has nothing to do with lack of confidence & nothing to do with your leadership skills.

It makes you feel you can’t trust yourself and you can’t let yourself trust anyone else either.

I want you to know that a safe space, a confidential support is waiting for you when you’re ready to allow yourself a different experience of life.

when you’re ready, let’s connect.

  • We’ll explore what’s going on for you in your career and behind the closed doors of your life.

  • I’ll give you some immediate strategies you can implement now that will improve how you feel so you can show up more confidently in your personal and professional life.

  • We can see if we’re a mutual fit to work together. If we’re not a mutual fit and I don’t think I can help you, I’ll be the first to let you know, and I’ll suggest an alternative route for you.

When you’re ready to make a shift in what you’re prepared to tolerate in your life and career…



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I have obtained a calmness I simply never had before – anxiety is such a buzz word now but each day I would have a level of anxiety ‘built in.’
— Nicky, Insurance Executive, New Zealand