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I'm Helen Fitness, leadership success coach & mentor to executive women. I've always been a bit of a square peg in a round hole - a former executive in a global corporation, I am playful, creative, secretly subversive, & intelligently disobedient.

My bottom line? I believe women are the future, & I am driven to see more women in leadership as their powerful selves, before I pop my clogs. Creativity, & the ability to think & act differently are the only way we'll shake things up - you with me?

You could say i am comfortable with change & CHALLENGING THE STATUS QUO

At last count:

  • 5 careers (teaching, insurance underwriting, leadership, training, coaching);

  • 5 countries (New Zealand, Turkey, Australia, France, & UK;

  • Many corporate positions & restructures (I'm not even going to start...)

...and that's just my career!

Throw in the usual mix of changes & transitions that life throws at us (bereavements, relationship break-ups, personal challenges), & I've honed the skills of resilience, & the creative ability to see opportunity where others don't. People tell me I live life courageously. I like that.


this is me

I am a high-performing professional with a unique skill set: business management experience in the global insurance industry, a natural coach & mentor, built on a background in education.

If I had my way...

...every workplace meeting would kick-off with a dance party! Shake your booty to 'Boogie Wonderland' for 10 minutes - feel the energy go through the roof, the creativity burst open, & the solutions flow! [Try it! Then tell me what changed!]

My corporate career was...

...a blast! A successful 20-year corporate career in a male-dominated industry, spanning continents, cultures, corporate structures, & roles. A work-hard-play-hard existence. What I've learned along the way is that thinking differently & challenging the status quo in our personal lives, careers, & communities is the only way to experience growth & success - however you define it.

There is nothing fuzzy about what Helen does. There is a clear method, along with solid preparation & an incredible knowledge on the different aspects of personal development, leadership, & management of your personal state.
— Nicky Hughes, Insurance Executive, New Zealand

don't get me wrong..

...the passage wasn't all smooth sailing. As we get to know each other, you'll hear about some of my experiences, like:

  • The time I lost $1.8 million because I didn't claim my power sooner (it happened!), or;

  • The time I learned that the more you do the less likely you are to succeed in your goals (I wish I'd worked THAT out sooner!); or

  • How I came to learn that being a people-pleaser actually DOESN'T please people at all. (Stop it. Now.)

My experience at senior level in complex corporate environments means I get where you're coming from. I've walked in your shoes, & I know the pressures that come at you from every angle, making it hard to stay focused on or even motivated for your career & leadership goals.


My vulnerability is...

I've got skeletons, for sure, ( - & they're not all in the closet!) particularly when it comes to weak boundaries. I find it hard to say "No" or to express my needs clearly. It has caused me a lot of problems in the past, professionally & personally, including opening myself up to emotionally abusive relationships...but that's for another time.

Weak boundaries & feelings of “I’m not good enough” are not uniquely female experiences...we just respond to them differently
— Helen Fitness

What I've learned in working with clients, with my own world class coach, & in my discussions with many senior leaders, is...

...that a lack of boundaries, poor self-confidence & feelings of "I'm not good enough" plague many leaders, men & women alike. It is not a uniquely female experience.

It is just that women respond differently. We have a tendency to 'take ourselves out of the game' or respond like a cornered rat, with emotional outbursts when we're challenged, or experiencing enormous stress, that literally makes us sick.

I am driven to support executive women like you to claim your power, transform your career, so you can be the impactful leader & inspiring role model you know you are meant to be.

Bringing ALL of you to your leadership position, creating healthy boundaries so you can achieve your goals with grace, you can create change in your career environment & relationships. Success however you define it.