Ladies, Take a Bow!

I sit writing this on International Women's Day, March 8th. It feels like this day is gathering momentum as being more and more important, rather than less. Although the subject of women's rights is leap years ahead of where it was when the first internationally recognised day was celebrated in 1975, it seems there is a new momentum, a new vigour to it. It's the next iteration of women's rights that's evolving, with a future that looks brighter.

Today, I'm giving thanks to those women, real, fictional, past and current, who have inspired and influenced me to be the woman I am today:

  • Kate Sheppard: a New Zealand activist who campaigned women's suffrage, gaining women in NZ the right to vote as early as 1893. As the first country in the world to do so, and growing up in a relatively egalitarian society, it has given me a sense of "anything is possible."
  • My mother: who gave me steely determination with oodles of generosity and kindness. Although, I've tried hard over the years to not be like her by being a career woman, rather than a home-maker, there's no getting away from the fact that I am my mother's daughter.
  • My grandmothers: Becoming widows early in their lives, I learned that it was possible for women to be alone in the world, and be OK with it. My maternal grandmother, in particular, did so with relish, leading a life full of love and connection with those around her, without a partner.
  • My mentor: who has shown me that when you are fully yourself, and unapologetically so, you can lead an abundant, full life, where anything is possible, by putting your mind, body and spirit into it. (You know who you are! x)
  • Anne Hartley: author of "Financially Free: a Woman's Guide to Creating Wealth," a book I read in my 20s which changed my relationship with money and wealth. I went from low-wealth-consciousness teacher, to a financially secure corporate queen in the space of a few years.
  • HRH Queen Elizabeth II: She has been a public figure all my life, stoically leading and developing the Commonwealth. Although we could get into a debate about the relevance of monarchy today, she has made it completely natural for us to see a woman in power.

I know there are more women who have inspired and influenced me, (I mean - Notorious RBG! #badass; Oprah!) but the list is long.

Whatever your gender, stop a moment and give thanks to all those women who have shaped you and continue to influence and inspire you. #womanlyartofleadership

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Practice THIS every day!

When was the last time you gave thanks?

A truly, warm, heart-felt thank you?

Today I am going to do just that.

2017 is drawing to a close. It's been a weird and wonderful year for me, and you have been a part of it. You have kept me motivated and focused on my goal to see more women in leadership positions, and to add value to your life in some small way.

I want to thank YOU.

  • If you love me because you're related and you support me and my next big plan, I thank YOU. Having a loving family is second-to-none, and I love you right back.
  • If you love me because we're loyal, and long-time friends, and you love seeing what I'm up to next, I thank YOU. Knowing I have friends like you makes me stronger and feel safe in the world.
  • If you are an acquaintance whose paths I've crossed with in the past, and you like what I have to say, I thank YOU. You make me strive to keep learning so I can add value to your life.
  • If you signed up somewhere, (probably on one of those annoying ads on Facebook), and you read my posts now and then, I thank YOU. I appreciate that you take the time, and my goal is to give you more value so you read them more often.
  • If you signed up somewhere, (again, probably on one of those annoying ads on Facebook), and you're thinking about unsubscribing almost immediately because you didn't like what I had to say, or you thought I spammed you, I thank YOU. You make me stay humble, recognise that I can't be all things to all people, and be OK with that.

A lot is written about the practice of gratitude. It is an excellent daily practice to include in your morning routine. It is hard to stay negative when you are practicing gratitude - it's physically impossible to do the two things at the same time.

Write down each day what you are grateful for and why, and even better, tell one person each day.

FEEL the difference!

Merci, grazie, gracias, kia ora, danke, thank you!

I'm excited for 2018 and I've some big plans.

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Forgive - Don't Forget

What the...?

I've just finished up a coaching session with my own coach - I had to share it. (Yes - I have my own coach. A couple actually. It means I understand the experience of coaching from both sides of the relationship. I can serve you better.)

I'm rocking it out quite intensely in the next week and a half with my coach to create an awesome effing plan for 2017! (Can't wait!) While we discussed all I want to achieve, do, be, feel in 2017, the issue of forgiveness came up. Something that happened in my past came back up to bite me in the ass. It could have potentially sabotaged my relationship, and on reflection, may also be impacting my business success. I won't go into the deets but suffice to say, I was a lesser person at the time. And during the session this morning, I realised - I have not forgiven myself for it!

Whaaa'?? Where did that come from?

These self-inflicted wounds can run deep. And it got me thinking...

  1. This is the perfect time of year to BE GRATEFUL - for all the experiences you have had, good and bad. They have made you into the body, mind and soul you are now. That's something to celebrate!
  2. This is the perfect time of year to FORGIVE YOURSELF - above all else, you must live with yourself, love yourself and be true to yourself. That ain't gonna happen if you're carrying a heavy burden. It will show itself in ways you never anticipated - relationships, business, you name it.
  3. LEARN HOW to forgive yourself. Seriously, I had to Google how to forgive myself! Ambitious people are often like that - holding ourselves to a higher standard than we hold others. I found this brilliant checklist of 10 Ways to Forgive Yourself & Let Go of the Past on by contributor Megan Hale - sound advice. You're welcome.
"To err is human; to forgive is divine."

I'm positively bursting at the seams about 2017 and all its opportunities!!

Lightening the load will make everything all the more joyful to experience. Try it.

Break out the bubbles!

Love you!


PS Want to create a plan for 2017? Let's talk to see what we can do to make 2017 your best yet!

One Simple Step to Improve Your Life and Business

This is a happy coincidence...

I felt compelled to write more about gratitude and suddenly realised it's Thanksgiving this week.

Perfect timing!

Not being from a culture that celebrates this holiday and not having a religious upbringing where thanks was given at mealtimes, I can only say that looking back, my childhood was the worse off for it. In my upbringing, we often said thank you because it was the polite thing to do, without any real awareness about the impact of the words.

It is only since I have kept a daily gratitude journal that I have come to understand the real benefit of giving thanks. And studies prove that not only does everybody want to be acknowledged with thanks more often, it improves the quality of their lives as a result. Research shows that the more gratitude you express, the better you feel.

Change your environment with two words

In the workplace, how often have you heard a genuine heart-felt "Thank you" from a boss or colleague? When was the last time YOU gave authentic thanks? Whether you are in management or not, you can begin to change the environment without anyone even realising it, by simply making gratitude more commonplace amongst your colleagues.

You can change the quality of your relationship too by simply giving thanks. I have started doing this more frequently with mon amour. He has yet to learn how to accept it for the gift it is meant to be - "c'est normale!" he says (in effect, "of course I'd do that for you - it's nothing special!"), but that will come with time. (Accepting thanks is quite another thing, often tied up in not being able to receive - so practice simply saying "You're welcome" in response. Nothing more is needed).

It's almost the end of 2016, so now is a great time to look back over the year and give thanks for what has come to pass. Good or bad, giving thanks will help you to see the positive or the learning in all that has happened this year.

So, whether in personal or business life, give thanks more often.

And in keeping with this, I would like to give thanks to YOU. I have had so many messages of support through my first year in this coaching practice, words of encouragement that mean so much to me and guide me to serve you better with more of what you want and need. So...

A Big Heart-felt Thank you!

I've got some exciting things planned for 2017 and I can't wait to tell you about them!

If you want 2017 to be the year things change and you get more of what you desire, I've got something that's going to help you BIG TIME! Stay tuned.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate.

Gobble, gobble.

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