What you resist, persists. Here's the proof!

Do you have a big idea that keeps nagging at you that you try to ignore?

  • Perhaps it's a feeling that you should be doing something different with your life.

  • Perhaps it's a sense that you should be putting your hat in the ring for that C-suite role.

  • Perhaps it's your intuition telling you to explore living in that country you've always dreamed about.

But your practical side kicks in—

  • “Don't be ridiculous! You've got too many commitments where you are now.”

  • “Who are you to do step off the hamster wheel?”

  • “Better to be safe than sorry! What if you fail?”

How many times have you ignored your intuition, the rational, executive function of your brain kicking in with all sorts of reasons why you shouldn't?

It's happened to me several times.

For example, my intuition fair screamed at me to get out of a relationship. My head brain totally talked my heart and gut brains out of doing anything about it for several months; the delay caused a lot of damage, financially and emotionally.

This time, I stopped resisting something that's been nagging at me for years...

I'm writing this in the funky local café in my new Auckland neighbourhood, blazing winter sun, great coffee and music, and feeling like letting go of the resistance to return to NZ was completely the right thing to do. There are even French people working in the café so I can maintain my fluency!

I've been away from my native New Zealand for around 17 years and for a lot of that time something was pulling at me to return, but I talked louder to drown out the background noise. The thought of moving back was scary, and there were so many reasons not to do it. I don't regret being away for all that time at all. The experiences I've had have been priceless and I'll be forever connected to France and the other side of the world;

But this time I had a bodily response when the decision dropped. I could feel it in my body...

It was time...

and, I didn't fight it.

Since arriving just one month ago back in my home town of Auckland, New Zealand, opportunities are opening up—including one that has surprised even me that I might pursue (more on that later if it comes to fruition!)

The learning is that...

Resistance is futile!

Whatever it is you're resisting, that thing that keeps nagging at you will keep on at you, causing you heartache, troubled nights, a feeling of being directionless until you surrender.

Having taken leaps of faith many times before to change my life in some way—relocations (several), new careers and jobs (many), new relationships (yep!), I have many experiences to share when you work with me to take the leap of faith in your own life or career.

I'm so proud of my client, Kris and the progress she has made working with me.

“I am on a course for running my own business versus being a corporate cog and I am no longer hiding behind a persona that no longer gave me the satisfaction that I once wanted from my work. Chiefly, I am now connected to my dreams and on a realistic path to make them happen...I have a purpose, a passion and a heart-felt ambition...I don't doubt I can do what I want to do. I am not sure how, but I know I will ferret out a way and plan to do so. I am excited versus daunted or untethered by the prospect of having to do this in a different way than I have ever worked before....I know for a fact I would not be where I am now if it weren't for the work I have done with Helen.”

Can you feel her energy?

I'm so excited for her! This, from a woman that not 12 months ago was facing constant threat of redundancy, experiencing high-octane work, coping with a substance abuse habit, and staring down the barrel of another 30 years of doing the same thing which scared the be-jeezus out of her.

Now, she tells me, she feels like 30 years is not enough to do what she is so energized to do!

Is it time for you stop resisting the nagging voice?

Working with me is tailored to your needs—no off-the-shelf programs—and I'll only offer to help you if I believe I can and if we're a fit. At all times, the decision to work together is whether to do so serves your best interests.

Let's talk about where you're at and what you want to achieve.

I'd love you feel the energy about your future that Kris feels.

Contact me and let's arrange a time. (No booking links—I like to keep it personal!)

There’s ONE thing that’s common amongst my clients…

LI Post.png

I’ve noticed a common theme from many of my clients.

They come to me for various reasons:

  • To secure that bonus or raise they’ve been angling for.

  • To get clarity about how to position themselves in going for the big promotion.

  • To find their life or soul purpose and get a direction for the next life chapter.

  • To increase their confidence in stepping into their next big leadership role.

  • To develop better leadership and management skills like influencing, priority management, communication, and more.

There is one thing just about all of these clients have in common when they sign with me…

Their brains are fried!

Long periods of stress and anxiety from personal and professional pressures has an impact on our neuro-biology, causing foggy brains; brains that can’t think calmly or clearly, brains that are subject to emotional outbursts (tears, rage, anger), brains that are exhausted but can’t sleep, brains that react instead of responding in a calm, alert way, brains that seek stimulation in the form of substance abuse and addictions.

The World Health Organization now refers to burn-out as an occupational syndrome, their definition,

a syndrome conceptualised as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.”

Most significantly, burn-out affects the brain’s function, and it is rampant, especially in the workplace.

It’s why I have certified in the unique i4 Neuroleader Model of leadership from About My Brain Institute. Our fast-paced, ever-changing, heavily networked world—a VUCA world (Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous), puts relentless pressure on our brains and our bodies. When these inter-connected systems are out of kilter, there is no way we can operate effectively in our environment. It leads to low overall performance, an inability to collaborate, and a lack of innovation and agility—all critical competencies to lead today and into the future. They’re also some of the most challenging competencies to develop.

This fourth Industrial Revolution, the Imagination Age, requires a different response, a new leadership model, and a new way of looking at how we interact with our environment.

I have taken my time to research, and select and certify in the 360 assessment and leadership model that I feel supports my beliefs. I recognise that the majority of existing leadership models are based on Industrial Age thinking—models developed in the post-war era, or at the earliest, 20-30 years ago. These models just do not respond to our needs as we head into an A.I. world.

I’ve created an i4 Neuroleader Starter Pack for private clients to introduce you to this innovative model.

The i4 Neuroleader Starter Pack includes:

  • A 45 mins introduction call to learn more about each other as well as the model.

  • A Self Evaluation.

  • A 360° Feedback Evaluation (up to 20 raters).

  • Benchmarks, Rater Breakdown & Alignment Results.

  • PDF i4 Report Download (accessed through your personal dashboard).

  • Digital Interactive i4 Report (accessed through your personal dashboard).

  • A Self Paced Virtual Debrief Short Video Course.

  • A One-hour one-to-one debrief with me to interpret the results of your 360° Feedback Evaluation and create simple strategies to improve your Performance, Collaboration, Innovation and Agility.

  • A copy of Leadership is Upside Down: i4 Neuroleader Workbook by Silvia Dalmiano of About My Brain Institute.

  • A copy of Leadership is Upside Down: The i4 Neuroleader Revolution Book by Silvia Dalmiano of About My Brain Institute.

The i4 Neuroleader Starter Pack will have you understanding your brain and body better, so you can make decisions and interact with others with a calm and alert mind. A foggy brain or, as I like to call it, a “fried brain” is frequently the stressor in how we interact with others—relationships with ourselves, with others at work and in our personal lives suffer significantly when we are not in optimal condition.

I’ve priced the i4 Neuroleader Starter Pack at less than the investment of a new suit—and the long-term benefits far outweigh those of a new suit!

Email me* if you’d like to be one of the first to experience the 360° Feedback, to learn about pricing in your region, and to book in for your introduction call.

*Thinking this would be great for your team? You’re right—it would! Email me to discuss your needs for a tailored programme.

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This is What Conscious Leadership Looks Like…

Photo credit: David Walker/Stuff

Photo credit: David Walker/Stuff

Monday morning. A new week. For that, I am immensely grateful.

I shut down last week and I wasn’t sure why. I was angry, felt hostile inside, and I was reading everything negative online like an addiction.

It occurred to me this morning that I was in shock over the terror events in my peace-loving native New Zealand. For a country of just 5 million, a massacre of this nature is akin to losing over 3,000 people in the US to one terror event. Gunning down 50 people in a small town like Christchurch is like taking out over 1,100 inhabitants of New York City in two small religious sites.

It hurts.

Aotearoa has known worse, of course. The massacres of our brutal history between Māori and Pākeha, the white colonials, have perhaps influenced our desire to be peace-loving and inclusive in modern New Zealand. For sure though, the attacks on those two Christchurch mosques are like nothing we have seen in Middle Earth in modern times where a minority of our community have been so obviously and hatefully targeted.

So I sat with all this over the weekend.

It took me to detox from my newsfeed, lots of meditation and physical exercise to reduce the stress and anxiety, journaling and reading books on subjects such as consciousness to get to a place on Monday morning of clarity, energy and intention.

The clarity that came to me this morning is that Christchurch just might be the breakdown before the breakthrough, the valley before scaling the heights. Perhaps it had to happen to show the world what conscious leadership looks like. It happened when the best person possible was in power to guide the country and the world through their shock and grief - Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. She is a fine example of conscious leadership that the world has been shaken from its old thinking to witness, a style of leadership that the world is starting awaken to the fact that it is thirsty for.

  • She is vulnerable, visibly weeping when she visited the families of the victims.

  • She is compassionate, reaching out to say that she and her government will do all they can to ease the pain over the next days, months, years.

  • She is empathetic, acknowledging their religious practices by assuring the families that the police are doing all they can to release their loved ones as soon as possible.

  • She is strong, making a commitment to change gun laws so that such a tragedy never happens again on New Zealand soil.

  • She is intentional, focusing only on the families as her priority, unifying political parties, not finding an opportunity to score points for her political advancement or to appease her partisan supporters.

There is nothing weak about how Prime Minister Ardern is showing up to lead us through this crisis.

It is a new era—time we expected more of ourselves and our political, religious and business leaders, demanding more conscious leadership.

“There is only one perpetrator of evil on the planet: human unconsciousness.”
— Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

When our egos run the show, as has become our primary state of consciousness, there is no room for any of the characteristics that Prime Minister Ardern is demonstrating. When we live in ego, as most of us do, it is too busy trying to feel superior, to be right, to gain more at the expense of others, to defend itself, to attack others, and to renew its addiction to unhappiness.

“The ego always wants something from other people or situations.”
— Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

I work with leaders who want to do things differently in their new role, who want to make a positive impact beyond financial measures. Prime Minister Ardern so beautifully demonstrates what I am talking about, creating an environment that allows vulnerability, compassion, empathy, unity, and above all, strength. Ruling by the politics of fear with competition, reprisal, redundancy, creating a toxic environment, and still expecting high performance and profit is as absurd as it sounds.

Creating an environment where teams can connect, create, collaborate - that’s where high performance, purpose and profit lie.

For now, I hope the world is observing Prime Minister Ardern and waking up to what conscious personal, political, religious, and business leadership could look like. My intention and energy to contribute to the general acceptance of conscious leadership is stronger than ever.

How I went from angry and stressed to calm and focused on my goals.

I sit writing this article as the sun streams in the window, the cat plays with the cardboard box on the floor, the jasmine tea is warming, and the creativity flows.

Contrast this to the day 8 years ago when I was such a wound-up ball of stress, I had to use the balustrade to steady me as I climbed the stairs at work, stopping on each step, positioning my back and my hips to be able to tackle the next one. My body felt and moved like an unhealthy eighty year-old.

I had just relocated from Paris to London in difficult circumstances with my career into a new position that was particularly high-pressure (not least of which came from me), traveling a lot for work, having relationship problems with the man I left behind in Paris, and trying to create a new place I could call home (with all the stresses setting that up brings). I was a short-tempered, fatigued woman and I knew this wasn’t “the real me.” It was the day I decided to take myself off to a detox retreat in Glastonbury, United Kingdom to decompress for a week.

Much has changed since that day. For one thing, a couple of years after “my senior moment” I left the corporate world, “re-relocated” to Paris to go back to the lad, and started my own business as a coach to senior business leaders globally. During the last few years, I have worked with several coaches and the constant throughout was journaling - a safe space for me to unpack sometimes intense emotions that otherwise, I didn’t quite know how to deal with.

I’ve always journaled, but not in an intelligent manner. When I began to ask better questions of myself, my emotions became less intense because having journaled about them, I could recognise them, give them a name, understand their origins and triggers, and let them go. The process of journaling has led me to a calmer state of being, of being more emotionally self-aware and more empathetic to others. I put myself in their shoes more often and can see their side of things.

I believe there are millions of leaders who feel like I did, who feel like they don’t know how to manage their emotions through the stress, urgency, fatigue, meetings, and task lists. It’s one of the most common questions from my clients, “How do I manage my emotions and my stress?” It makes them much less effective, certainly less impactful, and most definitely less inspiring when they don’t know what to do with the intense emotions that have a tendency to explode unexpectedly in high-stress environments.

It’s the benefits of journaling that led me to write my first book about my experience The Executive’s Guide to Journaling: Write Your Way to Less Stress, Better Relationships, and More Impactful and Inspiring Leadership. I have compiled over 300 Artful Questions, journaling prompts to help you ask better questions so you get better answers. The book outlines the research that supports the benefits of the practice of journaling with referenced articles and papers for you to look into further.

I’m an evangelist about the benefits of journaling on our mental health, relationships, and how we show up to the world. In writing this book, I want to help leaders become more emotionally self-aware because - let’s face it - a calm leader who isn’t losing their s*** all the time is a much nicer person to be around and to work for. That’s the leader people want to follow.

Pick up your copy of The Executive’s Guide to Journaling: Write Your Way to Less Stress, Better Relationships, and More Impactful and Inspiring Leadership on Amazon and Kindle.

6 Reasons Why Coaching With Me May Not Be For You

Untitled design.png

I’ve had a number of instances recently where the decision at the end of the call from the client is “I’ll think about it”.

Danger zone.

There are numerous apparently sound reasons potential clients say they’ll think about something, for example:

  1. They haven’t heard enough yet of how they will benefit from working with me;

  2. They have 'people pleasing' tendencies and they fear asserting themselves by saying “No”;

  3. They procrastinate:

    • In fear of what might come after they’ve taken a decision - failure, success, change of some description;

    • Because it is uncomfortable for them to consider taking the unusual step of investing in themselves;

    • Because saying they haven’t got the money is a ready excuse that most people accept in this world where a scarcity mindset prevails;

Except for reason number 1, which is entirely up to me to convey clearly, all of the others are the very reasons you SHOULD get coaching. The way you perceive yourself and your habitual behavioural and thought patterns that prevail on a daily basis discreetly prevent you from living and working exactly as you desire, stepping powerfully and confidently into what COULD be for you.

In case you don’t feel you have enough excuses at hand as to why you should NOT work with me, let me give you some more to add to the mix:

1. I challenge you to think and act differently

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

One of my all-time favourite quotes attributed to Einstein. If you want different results in your life and work, you need to approach the challenges and problems differently. That’s what we do together, and that can be scary for some; expansive and enlightening for others;

2. I’ll call you out on your BS

Without even realising it, we put our shields up or create stories to justify our behaviours and inaction. Worse, sometimes we do realise what we’re doing, but we have got away with it for so many years, we’ve been able to manipulate those around us to protect ourselves. It’s all done with good intention and it also keeps us away from what we really desire. Na-ah - not on my watch. I’ll call you out if and when I see you’re trying to fool yourself and others.

3. I won’t sugar-coat things

There are a lot of other coaches that will be 'softly-softly' with you. When I see my client needs compassion, and a safe haven to express their thoughts, emotions and needs, I’m there with the snuggly rug and the hot chocolate. At the same time, you came to me for transformation - to effect changes in your life so you could finally live and work as you desire with unshakeable power and confidence. That doesn’t happen exclusively on hot chocolate.

4. I’ll hold you accountable

You’re a results-driven kinda gal - me too. Listen, I love you, but I don’t intend for this to be a life-long, co-dependent coaching relationship. I’m guiding you to think for yourself - smarter, more creatively, and to take conscious decisions about your life and work. That requires accountability and if you miss appointments or don’t do the work required, I’ll pull you up on it. I’m doing it to serve YOU because my only goal is your transformation.

5. It’ll be uncomfortable at times

How do I know? Many clients who are beginning to see results in coaching hit the 'breakdown' before the 'breakthrough'. It’s ironic - you have to feel worse, before you can feel better. How else do I know? Because I hold the mirror up to myself - the way I think, feel and act every single day to grow, to improve my relationships with myself and others, and my life and work, so I can serve my clients better, too. It is painful at times, and ugly, and vulnerable and sometimes even a little scary. I commit myself to your growth, as I commit to my own, and as I need you to commit to yours.

6. We’ll have FUN as we work together to create your kind of wonderful life and work.

You still with me?

That all being said, where there is darkness there is light; and I love a laugh! There is serious business to be done in working on your transformation, and there is a lot of lightness to be enjoyed, too.

So - if you’re still thinking about it, by all means do; and challenge yourself to dig deeper and question what is driving that statement.

If you’re still sitting on the fence, let's get on a call and we can talk it all through.

PS. This is not a high-pressure sales call - it’s me and you creating the best decision for YOU! If that means we work together, I’d be over the moon! If that means you decide to work with another coach, I’m happy for you. If you decide to do nothing, let’s keep in touch. When you’re ready, you’ll know. Let’s get on a call.

It's Time to Change the Conversation

Women in leadership. Diversity. Gender equity. Pay parity. Women’s economic empowerment. They have all been slow to see any movement over the last 20+ years. In the 10 years since the World Economic Forum began measuring the global economic gender gap it has narrowed by only 2%.

My view is that we're looking at the symptom and not the cause.

The cause of disparity in pay, representation, and economic empowerment, in my view, is lack of self-worth & confidence in women (and men, too, to some extent). Not applying for that position because you feel you're not experienced enough? Not speaking up in meetings for fear of being wrong or ridiculed? Not taking decisions for fear of failure, success or judgement by others? Falling into another sh**ty relationship, and - worse - staying in it? Relying on external validation from colleagues, bosses, family, friends to feel valued & loved? Saying yes when you really mean no? Giving more than you receive? Not knowing how to accept help or love? Experiencing abuse of any kind (verbal, emotional, physical, sexual)? Battling health & well-being issues such as anxiety, eating disorders & addictions?

I could go on.

They all come down to lack of self-worth and self-confidence. By focusing on building self-worth & confidence we change the conversation. Relationships with others & ourselves naturally change and all the things we’re striving to change, too - diversity in leadership, gender equity, pay parity, women’s economic empowerment flow naturally when we value ourselves first.

I'm seeing this come up time and again in clients as well as in research I am conducting with women currently in corporate and those that have left - very different circumstances, but at the core in each case comes self-worth and confidence.

Is this something you can relate to?

Tell me what you think - I'd love to hear. Comment below or DM me.

And if you'd like to speak privately about your feelings of not being good enough, book a free call.

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Profanity Alert: "No More Sh**ty Chicken Wraps!"

Sensitive souls - look away now.

This has to be the funniest line of last week when I spent four days in the company of over 120 energetic, ambitious women entrepreneurs in the company of our mentor in Maui, Hawaii.

The line came from stylist to the stars, Sam Saboura, who gave us all guidance about branding and styling for our businesses. His anecdote described his flight from LAX to Maui stuck in a small Delta plane for 6 hours with those dry, lifeless chicken wraps for sustenance.

Sam had a lucid moment during that flight when it hit him that he deserved better than being squashed into a tiny, hard seat in Plus class, "That's it! No more shitty chicken wraps!"

Sam Saboura, Gina Devee of Divine Living Academy

Sam Saboura, Gina Devee of Divine Living Academy

Have you had a moment like that, too? 

That moment when you draw the line in the sand and decide you are not going to spend the rest of your life settling for less than you truly desire or deserve? You're no longer going to accept work you hate, and a life that's unremarkable. You're not going to say "Yes", when really you want to say "No". You're not going to say "No", when really you want to say "Yes!"

I had my own sh**ty chicken wrap moment

In my last corporate position, I had that moment, too. I knew that my life and work was becoming unremarkable and I no longer truly believed in what I was doing or the messages I had to deliver on behalf of senior leadership. I felt I was living out of integrity. I knew I was capable of more and settling for less gave me night sweats.

It was at that point, the wheels were set in motion to change up everything, to create and live my kind of wonderful. I hired a coach, and started to put the blocks in place to become qualified as a coach, leave corporate to establish my own coaching practice, and move countries to settle in Paris. I am no so grateful I am living what I created - my dream and plan were realised.

Have you had that sh**ty chicken wrap moment?

Are you ready to step into something more remarkable than where you are now?

Let's talk to see how I can support you to create and live your kind of wonderful.

Vulnerable Share: Reality Bites

I'm writing this on the terrace of the Ritz Carlton in Maui, overlooking the deep Pacific Ocean, local reggae tunes softly grooving in the background, frolicking, mating whales in the deep blue in front of me (seriously)...


It's MY bliss. It's what I aimed to create when I left corporate 18 months ago - a life doing what I love doing - helping people to achieve all they desire - while traveling and working from any point of the compass. I've created this lifestyle, and sometimes it's a lot to take in.

But this is not what this post is about.

I have been so grateful for all the words of encouragement from my friends and connections, and their words that I inspire them. I am truly grateful - but let me say, too, this has not come easily. I have created it but it comes at a cost.

Behind the freedom lifestyle, the high vibe public face, I still have challenges, just like you. A lifestyle like this, or any desire we have, comes with its own challenges.

Relationship issues? Loads!
Self-doubt? Uh-huh!
Fear of visibility and judgement? Yup!
Financial investment? You betcha!

Yes, I've never been happier, and I am living exactly as I designed in my head a few years ago, but it has come at a cost. What I have found though, by being so clear about what I want to achieve, is that I have greater resiliency, and I am able to get back on track when there are bumps in the road.

And there have been BIG bumps in the road.

My point is - well, there are several:

  • Clarity of purpose (what we are driven to do on this fine earth) and vision (how we want to live and work) is so freaking important. It is the glue that holds everything together when the wheels fall off. Knowing what you are aiming to achieve keeps the path clear of clutter.
  • You get what you focus on. My focusing on traveling the world and working to serve others the best way I know how is not just good marketing for those seeking inspiration, it creates more of the same. Focus on the good stuff; more good stuff comes your way.
  • If it's worth doing, it's worth not just doing well, but it's worth fighting for. It's about being clear on 'non-negotiables'. For me, I am non-negotiable about how I desire to live and work, so, even when the challenges come my way, I will find a way to make it happen. It means asserting boundaries where they have been very flexible in the past, and not served me well. It means being uncompromising about what I tolerate; and when the Universe sends its playful challenges our way (oh, and it does!), how we respond is more important than the outcome.
  • Creating what you desire is not a 'set and forget' setting. It's not something we achieve then sit back and enjoy the spoils (though there are sustained periods like that). It is about consistently working towards our goals - laser-focused and unwavering, being true to ourselves and our desires when so much will challenge our resolve.

Sound scary?

It can be, but it is also exhilarating to realise we have overcome those challenges and we're living exactly as we desire.

What do you want to create? What is your ideal lifestyle? Let's chat to figure it out together.

International Women's Day - Ladies, Take a Bow

I don't normally write blog posts in such quick succession,...

but I'm strangely moved by International Women's Day this year. I have taken a moment this morning to remind myself what it means to be a woman.

When everyone, not just women, is under attack from powerful authorities, whichever end of the political or religious spectrum you sit, it is women who can make a difference. Women lead by modeling behaviour for their children, husbands, partners, friends, family, colleagues and bosses. By individually standing strong and in their power in a calm but influential way, setting clear boundaries and not allowing those boundaries be crossed, collectively women change society for the better.

On an individual level, if you don't think it matters that you allow your husband, boyfriend, partner, brother, employer or colleague to treat you in a particular way, it does - it seeps through to a wider audience. I am overjoyed that I have a part to play in improving society by working with my women clients to be more confident and comfortable in themselves, so they can stand with strength and compassion.

Men, too, learn from the behaviour of women to use more compassion, empathy and intuition in their lives. Women set the tone for relationships of all types. This is some of the work I do with male clients to help them approach problems and manage themselves and their lives differently for different results. By working with these previously seldom used traits, it helps my male clients to open up their own creativity and see the world differently. This approach allows for greater understanding.

I am so grateful for all the wonderfully strong, kind, compassionate, intuitive women I have in my life right now (you know who you are) from whom I have learned so much, and for those I have known in the past who have helped create me; and I honour today those who have fought hard for my liberty.

You all ROCK!

What Are You Resisting?

"Your resistance to playing the game means you're out of the game"

I read this in a relationship coach's blog - it was with reference to the dating game. If you're resisting putting yourself out there, you're taking yourself out of the game of ever meeting someone; but it got me thinking...

What else could this be a reference to?

For a lot of people, including myself, being visible is an area where there is resistance - resistance to taking centre stage (preferring to lurk in the shadows or being the best damn 2IC but never stepping into the spotlight of leadership); not putting yourself out there in so many ways  - creating an extraordinary life and work, marketing yourself (or 'self-promotion' which is considered negatively), dating and relationships.

For me, I am conflicted. While I enjoy being centre stage at some level (I love public speaking and I used to do amateur dramatics), putting myself out there in my capacity as a coach challenges me. It makes me uncomfortable. Good God - what if people judge me?! (The horror!)

And being uncomfortable is exactly what we must strive for in order to effect change and to get different results.

"Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" Commonly attributed to Albert Einstein.

So what resistance do you feel?

What makes you uncomfortable?

How would it benefit you to feel uncomfortable more frequently?

What does the phrase bring up for you?