There’s ONE thing that’s common amongst my clients…

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I’ve noticed a common theme from many of my clients.

They come to me for various reasons:

  • To secure that bonus or raise they’ve been angling for.

  • To get clarity about how to position themselves in going for the big promotion.

  • To find their life or soul purpose and get a direction for the next life chapter.

  • To increase their confidence in stepping into their next big leadership role.

  • To develop better leadership and management skills like influencing, priority management, communication, and more.

There is one thing just about all of these clients have in common when they sign with me…

Their brains are fried!

Long periods of stress and anxiety from personal and professional pressures has an impact on our neuro-biology, causing foggy brains; brains that can’t think calmly or clearly, brains that are subject to emotional outbursts (tears, rage, anger), brains that are exhausted but can’t sleep, brains that react instead of responding in a calm, alert way, brains that seek stimulation in the form of substance abuse and addictions.

The World Health Organization now refers to burn-out as an occupational syndrome, their definition,

a syndrome conceptualised as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.”

Most significantly, burn-out affects the brain’s function, and it is rampant, especially in the workplace.

It’s why I have certified in the unique i4 Neuroleader Model of leadership from About My Brain Institute. Our fast-paced, ever-changing, heavily networked world—a VUCA world (Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous), puts relentless pressure on our brains and our bodies. When these inter-connected systems are out of kilter, there is no way we can operate effectively in our environment. It leads to low overall performance, an inability to collaborate, and a lack of innovation and agility—all critical competencies to lead today and into the future. They’re also some of the most challenging competencies to develop.

This fourth Industrial Revolution, the Imagination Age, requires a different response, a new leadership model, and a new way of looking at how we interact with our environment.

I have taken my time to research, and select and certify in the 360 assessment and leadership model that I feel supports my beliefs. I recognise that the majority of existing leadership models are based on Industrial Age thinking—models developed in the post-war era, or at the earliest, 20-30 years ago. These models just do not respond to our needs as we head into an A.I. world.

I’ve created an i4 Neuroleader Starter Pack for private clients to introduce you to this innovative model.

The i4 Neuroleader Starter Pack includes:

  • A 45 mins introduction call to learn more about each other as well as the model.

  • A Self Evaluation.

  • A 360° Feedback Evaluation (up to 20 raters).

  • Benchmarks, Rater Breakdown & Alignment Results.

  • PDF i4 Report Download (accessed through your personal dashboard).

  • Digital Interactive i4 Report (accessed through your personal dashboard).

  • A Self Paced Virtual Debrief Short Video Course.

  • A One-hour one-to-one debrief with me to interpret the results of your 360° Feedback Evaluation and create simple strategies to improve your Performance, Collaboration, Innovation and Agility.

  • A copy of Leadership is Upside Down: i4 Neuroleader Workbook by Silvia Dalmiano of About My Brain Institute.

  • A copy of Leadership is Upside Down: The i4 Neuroleader Revolution Book by Silvia Dalmiano of About My Brain Institute.

The i4 Neuroleader Starter Pack will have you understanding your brain and body better, so you can make decisions and interact with others with a calm and alert mind. A foggy brain or, as I like to call it, a “fried brain” is frequently the stressor in how we interact with others—relationships with ourselves, with others at work and in our personal lives suffer significantly when we are not in optimal condition.

I’ve priced the i4 Neuroleader Starter Pack at less than the investment of a new suit—and the long-term benefits far outweigh those of a new suit!

Email me* if you’d like to be one of the first to experience the 360° Feedback, to learn about pricing in your region, and to book in for your introduction call.

*Thinking this would be great for your team? You’re right—it would! Email me to discuss your needs for a tailored programme.

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