Eureka! The secret sauce of success!

Wow. Event over. I'm tired. Excited. On fire.

I have spent the last 3 days here in Paris with over one hundred of my entrepreneurial soulmates and my coach and mentor. Where other events I have experienced key personal breakthroughs that have led to my growth over the last 18 months, this event was different. I have experienced a bodily shift. It's hard to explain but I feel completely connected with my vision to see greater diversity, and more creativity and innovation at board level to change the face of business.

This is what I have learned this weekend, in a bodily way, about the path to achieving success:

1. Have ABSOLUTE CLARITY about your vision and goals: If you're not crystal clear about what you want to create, and what you want to achieve, how will anyone else? How will you be able to articulate it so others see it, share it and connect with it? How will the Universe, God, or whichever source you believe in, know when, where and how to deliver, if you are not clear in your request? Get absolute clarity.

2. BE FIERCE! Be fierce about your vision and goals: If they don't stir you, make you go goose-y, cause you to well up with emotion, and your heart to race, you cannot expect success to follow with ease. Without that ferocity, your focus will falter, your energy will shift to something else; you'll get 'Bright, shiny object Syndrome.' Relentless drive and focus is what ferocity brings. Napoleon Hill, in his essential reading, "Think & Grow Rich" calls it the "white heat of desire;" that burning desire to see your vision to reality. Be fierce with your boundaries to protect your vision and goals from energy-suckers.

3. Be INTENTIONAL about who you surround yourself with: I've learned the hard way. At one time, I surrounded myself with some low vibe people who dragged me down, and left me feeling drained energetically, stuck in my Poor Me archetype for way longer than was necessary. The magic of surrounding yourself with people who inspire you, from whom you can learn, that love and support you and celebrate you is priceless. If that means you need to go outside your usual circle and even pay for it by joining a Mastermind group, do it! Success cannot be achieved all alone in a vacuum. All the best have their own success team. Begin creating yours.

4. Have CHILDLIKE SELF-BELIEF: You've seen it on any number of television talent shows featuring Simon Cowell on the panel. This little button of a girl will stride out on the stage, all giggly and sweet, declare she is going to win the show, and open her mouth to belt out a tune with pipes that logically shouldn't even fit into her tiny body! THAT'S the childlike belief required to succeed - the unwavering belief in yourself that you will achieve your vision and goals; the absolute belief you can. Be nice to your inner child and tell her she's wonderful - often. 

5. GET PHYSICAL: It is science - the body and mind are connected. When you FEEL into your vision and goals, and have a physical as well as an emotional response to them, that's when success comes calling. Movement opens up the neural pathways, the body cells, and the mind to connect to our goals, energising us, bringing our bodies to life. Success and creativity was not achieved lying stagnant on the couch, or with arms folded sitting in a boardroom. My aim is to see everyone at a conference, training course, or board meeting dance before they get down to business! Imagine the innovation, and feel-good success that would spill out of that room!

Take a look at your vision and goals now - have you got any? Put them to the test by viewing them with these eyes. Do they evoke a physical and emotional response in you? Does the desire burn inside of you? Are you connected to them?

If you'd like to share your vision, and practice articulating it until you're truly connected with it, go over to my private Facebook group. Join the tribe and declare your vision to us! We'd love to hear!