How to be intentional about your success

Picture yourself:

You're sitting in your office - it's decorated to reflect your YOU-ness. Your assistant is helping you schedule your week - a board meeting where you'll announce an excellent quarter on behalf of your sales team, then off to Zurich for a client meeting. Your phone beeps - it is your beloved, texting to say flights have been booked for the weekend break. Don't worry about the kids or the dogs. Someone's going to take care of them.

How does it feel reading that? Out of reach? A pang in your gut that you might never experience it?

I've written recently about the 5 secrets of success and #3, Be Intentional is super-important. In fact, this is the core of all the others in the list - being intentional about your vision and goals, about who you surround yourself with, about your self-belief, about your body.

Being intentional is a Buddhist concept. Karma is "a being's intentional 'actions' of body, speech, and mind—whatever is done, said, or even just thought with definite intention or volition."

So in fact, being intentional, or karmic, is everything.

  • How you move physically and who you surround yourself with.
  • How you speak and the words you use.
  • How you think and the thoughts you choose to think.

All these impact how you show up in the world, and how you will be able to achieve all you desire in life and career. And let me just give a word on success - it is whatever you decide; not defined by others. YOUR vision of success.

So let me ask you...hold a mirror up and be brutally honest with yourself...

How are you being intentional to achieve all you desire in your life and career?

Where could you best focus your attention?

Here's my challenge to you:

Choose ONE of these areas that you feel you're lacking in right now:

  • Exercise and movement.
  • Surrounding yourself with people that lift you up.
  • Speaking positively and using empowering language.
  • Thinking positively, and letting go of "I can't" thoughts.
  • Choose your own...

Write down how you're feeling about it and your goals. Then, focus on just ONE for the next 7 days e.g. commit to exercise daily for 20 mins. Check in with me in 7 days and let me know how you're feeling about your goals, and note any changes in attitude.

I'd love to hear how you're being intentional.

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