These 2 Words Could Quite Literally Change Your Life!

Every morning, as part of my ‘success routine’ (which includes meditation, yoga, and journaling as well), I read - usually a couple of books on the go at any one time. It is the second time I have read Gabrielle Bernstein’s bestseller “The Universe Has Your Back” and this time around, I was struck by the message I received today.

These two words could quite literally change your life…


At any given moment in life, we are free to choose again - a different thought, a different behaviour, a different road, a different response, a different action. The last decision didn’t work out so well? Choose again. It’s like a 'Sliding Doors* moment' every freaking second of the day.

We are not wedded to a decision we took in the past, or a behavioural or thought pattern that is simply a habit or a pattern inherited from our parents. Just because we a chose a decision or habit that served us in the past does not mean we are required to choose it now. There is a tendency to attach a lot of 'story' or drama to a decision - that if we take it, there is no going back. How far from the truth could we be?

  • Cut off by some jerk in a BMW on the way to work? Choose a different response and see how it changes the tone of your day.
  • Fed up with being treated like an assistant by your colleagues? Choose a different attitude and see how you get treated.
  • Fear of putting yourself out there and 'being seen' is keeping you playing small in your career? Choose to be more visible and see how being seen leads to more opportunities.
  • Tired of not living exactly as you had hoped you’d be by this time of your life? Choose one small step on a different path and see what transpires.
  • Feeling sluggish and unhappy with your weight? Choose a different meal or activity and see how you feel after a week of choosing differently.

Every moment of the day is an opportunity to literally change your life - in some small way that will lead to massive change, or in one gi-normous leap to massive change!

It’s liberating to think of life like that; knowing that the very next decision you make could quite literally change the course of your life. And if it doesn't work out..."simples" - you take another!

Wow. Just wow.

Exciting, or what?

So what are you going to choose next?

Remember - one slight shift is all it takes.

Here's your first decision - let's chat.

*Anyone born after 1998 may not get this reference! Sliding Doors was a film starring Gwyneth Paltrow - the film itself wasn’t up to much but the concept was brilliant. The story alternates between two parallel universes depending on the decisions taken by the two central characters. Watch it.