International Women's Day - Ladies, Take a Bow

I don't normally write blog posts in such quick succession,...

but I'm strangely moved by International Women's Day this year. I have taken a moment this morning to remind myself what it means to be a woman.

When everyone, not just women, is under attack from powerful authorities, whichever end of the political or religious spectrum you sit, it is women who can make a difference. Women lead by modeling behaviour for their children, husbands, partners, friends, family, colleagues and bosses. By individually standing strong and in their power in a calm but influential way, setting clear boundaries and not allowing those boundaries be crossed, collectively women change society for the better.

On an individual level, if you don't think it matters that you allow your husband, boyfriend, partner, brother, employer or colleague to treat you in a particular way, it does - it seeps through to a wider audience. I am overjoyed that I have a part to play in improving society by working with my women clients to be more confident and comfortable in themselves, so they can stand with strength and compassion.

Men, too, learn from the behaviour of women to use more compassion, empathy and intuition in their lives. Women set the tone for relationships of all types. This is some of the work I do with male clients to help them approach problems and manage themselves and their lives differently for different results. By working with these previously seldom used traits, it helps my male clients to open up their own creativity and see the world differently. This approach allows for greater understanding.

I am so grateful for all the wonderfully strong, kind, compassionate, intuitive women I have in my life right now (you know who you are) from whom I have learned so much, and for those I have known in the past who have helped create me; and I honour today those who have fought hard for my liberty.

You all ROCK!