It's Time to Change the Conversation

Women in leadership. Diversity. Gender equity. Pay parity. Women’s economic empowerment. They have all been slow to see any movement over the last 20+ years. In the 10 years since the World Economic Forum began measuring the global economic gender gap it has narrowed by only 2%.

My view is that we're looking at the symptom and not the cause.

The cause of disparity in pay, representation, and economic empowerment, in my view, is lack of self-worth & confidence in women (and men, too, to some extent). Not applying for that position because you feel you're not experienced enough? Not speaking up in meetings for fear of being wrong or ridiculed? Not taking decisions for fear of failure, success or judgement by others? Falling into another sh**ty relationship, and - worse - staying in it? Relying on external validation from colleagues, bosses, family, friends to feel valued & loved? Saying yes when you really mean no? Giving more than you receive? Not knowing how to accept help or love? Experiencing abuse of any kind (verbal, emotional, physical, sexual)? Battling health & well-being issues such as anxiety, eating disorders & addictions?

I could go on.

They all come down to lack of self-worth and self-confidence. By focusing on building self-worth & confidence we change the conversation. Relationships with others & ourselves naturally change and all the things we’re striving to change, too - diversity in leadership, gender equity, pay parity, women’s economic empowerment flow naturally when we value ourselves first.

I'm seeing this come up time and again in clients as well as in research I am conducting with women currently in corporate and those that have left - very different circumstances, but at the core in each case comes self-worth and confidence.

Is this something you can relate to?

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