Profanity Alert: "No More Sh**ty Chicken Wraps!"

Sensitive souls - look away now.

This has to be the funniest line of last week when I spent four days in the company of over 120 energetic, ambitious women entrepreneurs in the company of our mentor in Maui, Hawaii.

The line came from stylist to the stars, Sam Saboura, who gave us all guidance about branding and styling for our businesses. His anecdote described his flight from LAX to Maui stuck in a small Delta plane for 6 hours with those dry, lifeless chicken wraps for sustenance.

Sam had a lucid moment during that flight when it hit him that he deserved better than being squashed into a tiny, hard seat in Plus class, "That's it! No more shitty chicken wraps!"

Sam Saboura, Gina Devee of Divine Living Academy

Sam Saboura, Gina Devee of Divine Living Academy

Have you had a moment like that, too? 

That moment when you draw the line in the sand and decide you are not going to spend the rest of your life settling for less than you truly desire or deserve? You're no longer going to accept work you hate, and a life that's unremarkable. You're not going to say "Yes", when really you want to say "No". You're not going to say "No", when really you want to say "Yes!"

I had my own sh**ty chicken wrap moment

In my last corporate position, I had that moment, too. I knew that my life and work was becoming unremarkable and I no longer truly believed in what I was doing or the messages I had to deliver on behalf of senior leadership. I felt I was living out of integrity. I knew I was capable of more and settling for less gave me night sweats.

It was at that point, the wheels were set in motion to change up everything, to create and live my kind of wonderful. I hired a coach, and started to put the blocks in place to become qualified as a coach, leave corporate to establish my own coaching practice, and move countries to settle in Paris. I am no so grateful I am living what I created - my dream and plan were realised.

Have you had that sh**ty chicken wrap moment?

Are you ready to step into something more remarkable than where you are now?

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