The Perils of DIY: How Your Fierce Independence is Hurting You

Are you fiercely independent?

Learning to ask for help could quite literally change your life

Learning to ask for help could quite literally change your life

You fix things; you solve problems (your own, as well as others); you’ve not received a hand up from anyone; you’re financially free and damn - you’re proud of all you’ve achieved!


No, really! I completely understand – I felt like that, too.

I was proud of how far I had come in the corporate world, and the success I’d experienced. I’d got so used to doing everything for myself, I didn’t NEED anyone (“No thanks - I got it!”) I could sort things out for myself…

…only I couldn’t.

FACT: The time it takes to come to the decision to leave to find fulfilment and success outside the corporate bubble is on average 10 years.

10. YEARS.

Say that aloud.

10 years lost while you’re “um-ing and ah-ing” about the future, wondering what you’ll do, or even if you really can find success ‘outside’, fearing losing that cosy 6-figure salary – putting up with a lot of pain in the process, and allowing your confidence and self-worth take an absolute hammering.

This 10-year statistic has come from calls I’ve had with women who have left their 6-figure corporate cage, to become free-wheeling entrepreneurs.

And it’s my experience too – I think it took me about 6 years to finally step into greater possibility and resign.

For many of the women I have spoken with, they realise now that they thought they could figure it all out on their own. It’s what they did - being the fiercely independent corporate women they were, they just worked it out. To seek help from anyone – well, they saw it as weak.

Smart women ask for help

Working with a coach to figure it out collapses the timeline significantly. You get accountability, support, confidence, clarity - an independent thinking partner; someone to hold the mirror up to challenge your beliefs, behaviours, so you can get real with yourself, and figure out exactly how you desire to live and work. It’s a critical component to fast-track the decision-making process, create an exit strategy - then head for the door.

Do that and you can finally:

  •  Take back control of your life, make your own decisions and see the results;
  • Make a difference to people’s lives, beyond making stockholders and financial markets happy;
  • Revel in the creative freedom of being your own boss, see your ideas implemented - not being stifled by all those “stakeholders;"
  • Find financial success, freedom, flexibility, and fulfilment - all on your own terms (yes – there is a very nice life waiting for you outside!)
  • Design your own days, instead of feeling trapped by someone else’s schedule;
  • Define your own worth and value, instead of having it pegged to a salary, bonus, performance review or promotion.

So, let me ask you…

What is your independence costing you right now?

Let's chat about it.