[Case study] What your subconscious is trying to tell you

Do you overthink all the time to the point that you tie yourself in knots?

Do you hear your intuition and then override it with your conscious, rational mind?

We're finding now, in the field of neuroscience, that our conscious brains in fact get in the way of us living more contentedly. Over 90% of our thoughts every day happen in our subconscious minds, where the power is, yet it is our conscious minds that often drive our final decisions, when we second-guess ourselves, and overthink.

Case Study: Me and Your Hidden Mind today.

Background circumstances: The last week I have found myself in a situation again where I have given help to a friend. Consciously, I thought I was helping and doing the right thing, yet my subconscious knew otherwise. It was financial help, and it has put me in a place of now being concerned about the travel I have coming up in December. Can I really afford to go?

Click to watch the vid to see how my subconscious mind responded

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