What price do you place on your confidence?

You see her.

She walks into the meeting room of mostly men. She smiles, extends her hand to greet her guests. She places her folio on the board table and proceeds to address the meeting - engaging, direct, accomplished, poised.

Such grace. Such power. Such confidence

And you think...

"What I would give to be like that..."

Great question! What WOULD you give to be like that?

I have been greeted with resistance when a potential client discusses coaching with me. "What guarantee can you give that coaching with you will work?"

1. I can't guarantee it, and I never would. If you see a coach who guarantees you'll get results, run the other way - fast. As a coach, I have no control over what you will and won't do. I can guide you, influence you, hold the mirror up to you, challenge you, and hold you accountable, but I can't control you and what you do for yourself. Coaching requires energetic investment from you.

2. ROI metrics can be tenuous when it comes to coaching. Even if I were to coach a sales team on confidently approaching sales, for instance, and the team's sales figures went through the roof immediately afterwards, there may be other factors that influenced these figures e.g. market changes, a competitor raising prices or pulling out, new team members that increased the motivation, increased employee engagement. It is highly likely that their success was the result of the confidence they achieved from coaching, but that would need to be in the opinion of the individuals.

There are many more positive outcomes from coaching that cannot be measured financially.


What I can say is this:

Laura invested €760 in a 4-hour coaching intensive with me to boost her confidence to approach her bosses about getting an €18,000 training course paid for by the company. It worked, so ROI = 2,368%. She started the course in September.

Toni invested €2,500 in a 90-day coaching program with me to help her make a decision about her next career path. She finally left Singapore to go back to London with a competitor, where she negotiated a sign-on bonus of €25,000. She says she would never have had the confidence to negotiate it prior to the coaching. So, ROI = 1,000%.

Anne invested in the same program as Toni to help her get more comfortable in her new leadership position - to be more productive, learn to stop micro-managing, and create balance in her life. Within a few months of completing the program she was transferred from the Norwegian office to her dream job in the Bermuda office! She just informed me she is buying a boat to explore the coastline after work. ROI = ...what price happiness? I've never seen her glow so much!

So...what price do you place on your confidence?

What investment in you and your power are you prepared to make?

What are your goals and dreams worth?

An investment in yourself is an investment in your outcomes. A leadership position? A raise? Life balance? Stronger boundaries? More power and confidence?

It's all within reach.

Invest in yourself and your goals now. Book a call to discuss what outcomes you want to achieve.