What's Love Got to Do With It?

Wow - what a week! If you'd been following me in my Design Your Days Facebook group, you'll have seen I have spent the last 3 days here in Paris with about 100 other women entrepreneurs learning from our mentor and coach. the incredibly authentic, Gina DeVee.

The focus was business development but I am bowled over to find just how deep personal development is to the core of business success. More than I ever realised. Of course, I knew it played a part, but so much affects how we show up in business.

If we're struggling in business - finding it difficult to sign clients, feeling confused about our target market or ideal client, swimming in ideas but not settling on any one that sets us on fire - chances are there is something in the personal realm that's causing it.

Here is what we learned:


You create a system, you consistently follow it, you succeed - whether that's sales funnels, social media campaigns, whatever. What messes with us is what's between the temples.

  • One woman still pre-varicating about her target market after almost 12 months in business came to realise it was because she had a fear of being visible, and of receiving - even turning down gifts from loved ones. It had nothing to do with her target market.
  • One woman finding it difficult to sign clients and get started in her business found when she dug deep, she realised it was not her core desire. A relationship with a loving man who was going to treasure her was all that mattered to her.
  • Another woman finding it difficult to sign clients came to realise she was putting up a wall to success, just as she had done with several key relationships in her life.
  • Another having trouble signing clients realised it was because she had a scarcity mindset despite already being a multi-millionaire, the mindset created as a result of her parents' relationship to money, and the fact that her father was scarce with demonstrating love.

It's deep shit, I know; but how enlightening!

Having made the connection, raised the awareness, you can actually go about doing something about it that will ultimately improve your life, relationships and your business. Everything is released when you connect the dots in a deeper, more meaningful way than simply tweaking the copy of your last ad campaign.

It's a far more intuitive and heart-centred way to do business, and it all just makes sense.

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