Peace Out, Sisters!

It strikes me as interesting that the only reason I learned that it was International Peace Day today is because Facebook created a splash of hearts when you 'heart' a post (try it! I love it and I hope they keep it!) I wonder if it is a reflection of our times that peace can be considered a bit of an afterthought and doesn't get more press.

Be a pal. Indulge me today please.

So - to do my bit for peace on this day that otherwise just might have slipped by unnoticed, I'm sharing with you some of my favourite quotes and concepts, often based on Buddhism (my way of sending a bit of love and peace out to the Universe). I can in no way call myself a Buddhist, but I like the philosophy - it makes so much damn sense!

If this is not something that jives with you, that's OK.

In the Buddhist way, I am detached - you be responsible for your thoughts and emotions; I'll be responsible for mine. Deal?

Grab a cup or glass of something and settle in.

Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding - Albert Einstein.

This ones speaks directly to the Buddhist idea of listening with compassion. Conflict and anger in all environments, come from lack of understanding. Stopping and listening with compassion allows the flames to die down and a new level of understanding to be struck. In Thich Nhat Hanh's book, 'Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames', he speaks of anger and conflict as like having your house set on fire and instead of saving the house, you run after the arsonist. Remind yourself of that as you see a conflict begin to bubble - don't attack; listen with compassion.

Ego says, "Once everything falls into place, I'll find peace". Spirit says, "Find your peace, and everything will fall into place".

Damn - this isn't Buddha but it really ought to be! Marianne Williamson, best-selling author and spiritual teacher coined this one. When I read it the first time, it hit me like a Mack truck. "EUREKA!" I thought. It's based on the Buddhist idea that "Peace comes from within; do not seek it without".

Peace begins with a smile - Mother Teresa
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Try it - turn that frown upside down and notice what it does to your mind and body. It's remarkable, and a reminder that happiness is a choice. Ever noticed how the statues of Buddha show him with a faint little contented smile? He knew.

The mind is everything. What you think, you become - Buddha

A biggie and speaks to the power of the mind. 'Nuff said.

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results - Albert Einstein

Love this! Sits neatly with the Buddhist concept of life being a journey and every-damn-thing is a lesson. It's also a stark reminder to shake things up if you want a different outcome.

I could go on...

but I'm sparing you. I have SO many more!

I'd love to hear your own choice words of wisdom - the ones that strike a chord with you, get your brain cogs whirring, or lift your soul. Go over to my private Facebook group, Design Your Days - join up and get your revenge by commenting to your heart's content!

May the force (peace) be with you