Create the Freedom You Crave

Are you living a BIG life? The life of your dreams? Fulfilling your potential? Is your business or career everything you imagined with purpose, profit, freedom, creativity, accountability, growth?

If the answer is no, why not?

Last week, I was in London to give a presentation to a large corporate about resilience. It was lovely to be back in London where I lived for 5 years, to see old friends and meet new faces. Everything was familiar and comfortable. I love feeling that familiarity getting around a global city. It's a second home (or perhaps a third...?)

I learned something - about you AND me.

Leadenhall Market, London EC3 - international insurance hub

Leadenhall Market, London EC3 - international insurance hub

I realised how much I have evolved since leaving the corporate world. I ran into people I once knew very well, doing the same things they were doing 5 years ago, thinking the same way - familiarity and comfort apparently being their drivers. I cast no judgement - whatever makes you happy.  As Tony Robbins says, we all have six basic human needs of which, Certainty is one (along with Love & Connection, Significance, Variety, Contribution, and Growth). It made me realise how much I have grown in terms of my self-awareness and self-knowledge, expanding myself to embrace new habits that serve me better - thought and behavioural patterns, and a sense of freedom, creativity, autonomy and self-reliance. There is no way I could go back to a life where the rules were set by someone else.

It also dawned on me why not even 2 years ago, I was so angry and frustrated. I hid it quite well, but it would come out from time to time, unexpectedly. I realise now I was HUNGRY to evolve - SO ready - and because I wasn't and I felt there was no opportunity in my environment to do so, I felt frustrated and angry much of the time. 

The trip last week helped me understand myself better, and confirmed to me that my decision to leave was the best I'd made in years.

So what has this got to do with you?

Well, I'm wondering whether you feel the same. I'm wondering whether you know you were built for more and you just haven't found your way out to achieve it. I'm wondering whether you have a lot of niggling self-doubt and fears telling you the safer route is to stay where you are. I'm wondering if your lack of clarity or confidence about what you want to do or how you want to live is preventing you from taking a step in a more fulfilling direction. I'm wondering whether you're blaming your lack of progress on lack of time or money (hint: that's surface noise, it's not the real problem).

You see, I believe strongly that it is YOUR time!

Women are poised to influence the world in ways they never have before - by being self-determining, self-governing business leaders with contribution at the heart of what they do, bringing ALL of themselves to the party. Profit is the very happy by-product of contribution but it is not the be-all and end-all. The purpose of profit for a woman is to be able to give back, by being an inspiration to others, living life on your terms with your style, by creating opportunities for yourself and others. Women can have total autonomy about how they live and work, no longer having to toe a line set by others.

Since the Global Financial Crisis, it is clear that the current hierarchical structures and sense of entitlement that pervades in corporate is not working. Smart organisations recognise this and are beginning to change their business models to be more collaborative (a feminine characteristic) with flatter structures, introducing more creativity and flexibility. However, the corporate environment, for the most part, moves slowly. Stepping outside the corporate world, you can design your own days - freedom, flexibility, growth, creativity, profit, business on your terms NOW!

It's all within reach.

  • Do you feel it is time to call "Time" on your corporate career but you're not sure how to go about it or what you might do?

  • Do you want to be part of this new movement of feminine business leaders and create your own empire?

  • Are you ready to create the freedom you crave?

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