What's Wrong With Me?

I'm a changed woman.

Something is happening to me that I can't quite explain. It's curious. It's strange.

I am happy.

I am grateful.

How could this have happened? What the hell is going on?

Let me explain.

I was brought up in quite a masculine environment where father dominated. I held my own getting into fisty-fights with two brothers. I competed in a masculine sport - usually all-women crew competing against all-male sailing teams, where being 'hard' was a necessity and respected. I worked in a male-dominated industry- highly competitive, high pressure, high-performing, results-oriented and I did exceptionally well, in a masculine hierarchical social system.

My girliness never had a chance.

Since leaving the corporate environment, I have been able to re-create myself to some degree. I am still not to be crossed (Scorpio tail) - that hard-edge, competitive, structured person still exists, but I decide when and how to use that side of me. I am discovering and drawing out the creativity in me, the spirituality that never had a place, the softness that gets brushed aside in the corporate world, to create a life and business that is a better reflection of myself...

...and I've never been happier.

It has taken almost a year to get to this place where I have been able to metaphorically take the corporate suit off and slip into something more comfortable. It's liberating to choose how I present myself at last, and to decide what form I and my business take. The metamorphosis has happened through a variety of activities:

  • Coaching: It has challenged my long-held beliefs about myself, my practices, my boundaries. It has made me think differently about how I approach challenges and how I want to present and express myself, in life and in business. I would not be without it.
  • Journaling: I am a writer. I love it for the pure joy of creating sentences that dance across the page. Journaling on a daily basis has allowed me to explore ideas in an uncensored, unmonitored bare-ass way; a free-flow of conscience. No judgement. No fear. No looking stupid. I say what I like and it frees me to be creative about everything. Reading back through the entries, it hits me just how far I have come in a very short space of time.
  • Gratitude: I used to think this was for worshippers - you know, saying Grace and all that. This has seriously changed my perspective on my life, and life in general; especially in current times, when the fragility of life is all too obvious. I write down daily the things for which I am grateful. They usually centre around health, love, family, friends, abundance. Reminding myself daily what I have to be grateful for is like a kick up the backside to quit whining and raise my vibration - take my head out of my ass.
  • Meditation: It's a drug. I do it twice a day now. Finding that level of inner peace by simply closing your eyes and listening to your breath? Why wouldn't you? I am calmer, I stress less, I have more perspective, I am able to listen with compassion. Buddha was on to something when he said we should give it a crack.
  • Honour Thyself: Wack-a-doodle (or so I used to think) - practicing self-respect through self-care with massages, pedicures, exercise, flowers every week, being generally kind to myself to say "Hey, you're cool - want to be my friend?"

All of these things have given me enormous clarity and confidence about:

  • My Why and who I am meant to serve (purpose),
  • What I stand for (values), and
  • What I want my life and business to look like (vision).

When you get that clear on everything, implementation is just the doing.

Piece o' cake.

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