I Just Don't Care Anymore (...or Do I?)

It might seem that I don't care anymore, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

I've struck upon something that has opened everything up for me - I've seen the light, you could say. I don't quite know how it happened, but one Monday morning a while ago, I approached my business with a completely different mindset - I stopped caring so much.

I'll admit it, I had struck a lull in the number of clients I was signing (it happens from time to time as an entrepreneur). I couldn't quite put my finger on it but something was causing potential clients to be interested enough in my offerings to schedule a free call with me, and then ultimately not signing as a client. It was getting me down. I was beginning to feel like I'd lost my touch, but I remained persistent, and doggedly stayed focused on getting the next client.

And then an inspired moment

It struck me this particular Monday morning that the reason I wasn't signing new clients was because I was too attached to the outcome of the call. I felt I NEEDED those new clients - at all costs - and it was causing me to make poor choices, like trying desperately to sign a new client when clearly the person was not ideal for me at all. The desperation seeped into my voice, my breathing, my demeanour on those calls. When resistance to sign came up (which also happens from time to time), I panicked, thinking, "I'm losing her!" This particular Monday morning, some wave of inspiration made me sit back, and collect myself. I checked my bank balance to see just how desperate I was to secure new clients...and there it was.

I could comfortably let go of the outcome knowing that, of course, I need to work, I WANT to work, but I am not in a position that if I don't sign the next one, I won't be paying the rent.

What happened?

The very next call I had, the client signed. Thank you, Universe!

By letting go of that sense of desperation, of scarcity and fear, I could be more present during the calls, focusing entirely on the needs of the client, listening to every cue, and to my intuition; not that screaming skull on my shoulder, hounding me, "For the love of God, just sign the client, already!" I was able to operate from a place of confidence, not fear; abundance, not scarcity. I had built up in my head this frenzied need to sign a client thinking that if I don't, "...I won't have any income, and then I won't be able to pay my rent, and then my world will fall apart...and then..." ANXIETY OVERLOAD! Building up the drama with fibs and half-truths.

Letting go of the outcome is a question of faith.

It is a knowing - that the outcome will indeed occur; it is just a question of time and perseverance. This concept sits in Buddhism, and features strongly in Positive Psychology, Law of Attraction, Napoleon Hill's staple, "Think and Grow Rich"...

...and I got there all on my own.

I admit, I am blessed and grateful that I am financially secure - I've worked long and hard and been very fortunate over the years to get to that position. I've created the conditions; however, regardless of this, deep-seated beliefs of scarcity and fear run rife given half the chance. Flipping the switch on these beliefs to abundance and confidence calms everything down, work begins to flow. It makes an enormous difference to achieving your goals.

Letting go is not giving up.

It is a deep sense of certainty, giving more power, determination and clarity of thought, creating space free from stress, anxiety and thoughts that do not serve , so you can think creatively about solving the problem.

A recent client was having a similar struggle to secure a client. Her language and demeanour were 'heavy' as she described her frustration - understandably. I shared with her my experience of letting go of the outcome, and how it had changed everything for me. It was amazing to see how, in that very moment, her shoulders dropped, her brow un-furrowed, her voice became light instead of tight and strained, as she detached from the outcome. Sure - she still needed a client, but by releasing the angst and fear, she was able to work with certainty that it will happen, and to open up her creativity, to find ways to bring those clients in. It gave her power back to make it happen, and work smarter.

This mind-set of confidence, not fear; abundance, not scarcity can be applied everywhere - whether you are experiencing challenges in your relationships, career or financially.

What outcome are you creating drama around?

How can you detach from the outcome?

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