Want What She's Having?

I love talking to clients. We both grow in the process - the client learns more about themselves, their needs and aspirations, and I learn more about the woman I am driven to serve as a business coach.

Talk about a win-win.

Last week I spoke with a client - actually a potential client - who took the opportunity for a one-hour free Business Clarity call with me.

Free. One hour out of her day.

Carrie* told me of her vision for the business she is creating on the side as she continues her corporate gig. She described the beautiful mornings she would have in 12 months' time when she would be working full-time in her business. They would be calm, centred; she'd be able to gracefully begin her day with a work-out, a nutritious breakfast, work in her home office, then meet with clients in the afternoon - a happy mix of autonomy, flexibility, and variety; being good and kind to herself.

A life and business of her own design.

She told me it was unrealistic.

It was the beginning of a beautiful vision and I was right there with her, knowing it is fully achievable - it is how my mornings start now; centred and with grace.

Carrie took the opportunity for a Business Clarity call to get clear on her business idea and to understand what her next action steps were. She came away with something more powerful than that...

She realised during the call that it is her mindset, beliefs, and a lack of a detailed vision that hold her back from creating a simply magnificent business and lifestyle.

If you'd seen my webinar last week, you'd have learned just how critical mindset and vision is to the success of an entrepreneur - of anyone - achieving their desires. That, and a true belief, that it is achievable. Intellectually, we know we can achieve it, but it is the detailed vision, and the burning white heat of desire and belief that will see it created.

You can DO all you like - write a business plan, design a website, create a logo, print business cards - but if you don't believe in it or yourself, and you're not ready to make it happen, that will keep you from your vision, for sure. I can help you with your belief systems, in gaining confidence and clarity; the readiness? That's up to you.

So how ready are you?

If you are ready to make it happen and create the business and lifestyle you desire, book a Business Clarity call with me.