(Radical) Change is Good

Corporate-Rebels, a rebel research unit based in Netherlands and exploring what some companies do differently to be a happy workplace, reports that 87% of employees are disengaged with their work.

87%. Enormous.

Mercer states in their 2015 Inside Employees' Minds survey that even those employees who say they are actually happy with their organisations and their jobs, 50% of them are looking to leave (the research was limited to 3,000 employees of a cross-section of US companies only).

There is a scale of engagement generally used in employee engagement research methodology from Actively Engaged, Engaged, Neither Engaged Nor Disengaged, Disengaged, to Actively Disengaged. An employee who is Actively Engaged is fully involved in, and enthusiastic about, the work that he or she is doing. Tim Rutledge, author of Getting Engaged: The New Workplace Loyalty, describes an engaged employee as one who is committed to, fascinated by, and attracted to the work - often with a profound connection with the company and the work. Conversely, Actively Disengaged are those that are basically miserable, undermine efforts and sabotage projects. It is unclear whether the 87% statistic is just those Actively Disengaged or whether it comprises all categories at the lower end of the scale - whichever way you look at it, this is a huge problem for the fulfilment and productivity of companies and employees, and to a broader extent, to the well-being of society.

Look around you. Are you one of the 87%?

#workmyway #designyourday

#workmyway #designyourday

This is one of the key reasons I came to leave my corporate position. Aside from the uncertainty caused by restructures and redundancies and my desire to step out and challenge myself as an entrepreneur, I could see that radical change in the way employees were treated as empowered, intelligent, trustworthy adults who ultimately just want to do a good job for which they are recognised was going to be slow coming. It probably wasn't going to come to the extent of change I desired, at all. Simply going to a competitor would not make a great deal of difference - we're talking the insurance industry here, not known for its radical views on anything. Even those that consider themselves innovative, do not have the infrastructure in place to truly leverage the great ideas that come from their employees. Brilliance is often left to shrivel and die - or leave.

It's why I am on a mission to see women create their own opportunities by becoming entrepreneurs. I believe deeply that the corporate world needs to change its purpose, structures and how it treats employees, but this generation of entrepreneurs will be the new corporates of tomorrow. That's where my passion lies.

I love what Corporate Rebels is doing. A small band of corporate explorers shining the light on corporate pioneers and what they do differently to create a force of employees who are not just engaged, but happy. They cite their greatest inspirations so far as, incongruently, the Social Security Ministry of Belgium and its head, Frank van Massenhove - yes, a civil service. The employees of this unit are treated like adults (radical!), only 3 bosses exist, and of 1,000 salaried employees, only about 150 a day work onsite - the rest work from home, in co-working arrangements, or in cafes. They can work when and where they like; the only caveat - that they deliver results.

That is the level of change I craved (and battled for) in my last position.

As an entrepreneur, I am in the position to create this change on my own terms - designing, how and when I work, with my only focus that I deliver results. It's just a question of how far and how big I choose to grow my infant company. That's the sort of empowerment that most corporate cogs desire when they make the decision to leave.

If you have made the leap to create your own opportunities or you're ready to hand in that resignation letter, let's talk. I'd love to help you flesh out your ideas and create a vision of a business you love that empowers you (and the employees you'll have when your business goes ballistic!)

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