My 'Wobble' and the 4 Steps to Enlightenment

I've been a bit quiet on the social media front the last week or two as I navigate some personal and professional challenges.

I'm learning so much at the moment about myself, my business and my clients. It requires me keeping an open mind about everything so as not to shut down on possibilities. Things are not always as they seem, nor as they are meant to be, and diamonds are found in the rough. That can lead to some periods of uncertainty, self-doubt, those nasty negative voices creeping in - what I call a wobble.

When events in your life and career are not as you expect them, it requires a cool hand - stepping back, letting go, and looking at the situation from a calm, detached place. For me, it's almost like having an 'out-of-body' experience - to be able to look down at yourself as an independent party to see what's happening and what's needed. Self-coaching like this is not an easy thing to do at all. In fact, the last couple of weeks, I didn't do it all on my own.

1, 2, 3, 4

I reached out to a few of my network of coaches to help me think through the challenges I have so I can calmly and intentionally course-correct - adjust my strategy and plans to fit my overall purpose to help women take control of their lives and careers. With a coach as a thinking partner, I find I am able to look at my challenges in a variety of ways that come together to move me forward. A coach challenges my practices and beliefs, and brings a second set of very different fresh eyes to the situation. A coach brings no agenda - he or she is there only for the client during the time with the coach. Here is how it goes :

  1. Firstly, we look at the situation objectively (What's happening? What's getting in the way? Is there evidence to support this belief / behaviour pattern?) to clearly understand the facts and the obstacles, perceived or actual.
  2. We will often approach it emotionally - digging into beliefs, behaviour and thought patterns to understand their origin, whether they continue to serve , and whether they need to be nixed.
  3. We then approach it creatively (What are the options? What if I did this? What if there were no limits?) to fling open the windows on problem-solving and create solutions. It's amazing how many options you can come up with when you eliminate the limitations from the thinking process.
  4. Finally, we look at the situation intuitively. By 'feeling' into the process, the direction that feels right of the creative options discussed bubbles up and the first steps in the new direction are created. Some call this inspired action.

It doesn't come quickly sometimes, which is why I have stepped back from the computer screen the last couple of weeks. Stepping back, going away to do something that brings joy (a walk or run, a massage, spending time with friends or family) clears the head and stops you 'forcing' a decision by over-thinking it and getting anxious about it.

The decision will come. Have faith in that.

To allow it to come, it's imperative to give it time and space. This is what coaching does - it gives time, space and 100% attention of an independent thinking partner to move the client forward.

And it is timely that my slight wobble came right on the end of the first half of the year. I have been able to review the last 6 months, what has worked, what hasn't, what I need to do more of, what I need to eliminate, and to plan the next 90 days. In my corporate days, we called it an After Action Review.

So - here it is. 1st July has come and gone and we're staring down the barrel of the last 6 months of 2016. With this inspired down-time I have had, I am now clearly focused on making these last 182 days of 2016 count - I am excited, energetic and bursting to make it happen!

How are you going to make the last 182 days of 2016 count?

Who is your independent thinking partner?

Coaching can help you reach your place of enlightenment, excitement and energy.

Book a call with me - make a move towards enlightenment in 2016.