Clarity is Everything...Still

I went to an elegant soiree last night at the ElssCollection, a new concept store in the 8th arrondissement that showcases the designer fashion available to rent - a perfect solution to the "I have nothing to wear" dilemma we women have when faced with attending an important event, wedding, or gala. Personally, I can see myself using this service frequently.

I was there to listen to the co-founder of ElssCollection, Pascale Guasp, and the founder of L'Esprit Francais, Deborah Soudry who shared their experiences of moving from employee to entrepreneur. It was interesting to hear the two women of different ages and different business types describe what led them to make the decision to leave their 'safe' corporate positions for the relative uncertainty of entrepreneurship.

For Mme Guasp, she was moving TOWARDS a new life. She had had a successful 20-year corporate career and was now ready for something new. Mme Soudry, by contrast, spoke of how disappointed she was with corporate life. She was ambitious, wanting more and quickly, and a corporate environment just could not deliver. She had to just do her job rather than come up with ideas to improve. It did not satisfy her. So hers was a decision to MOVE AWAY from the status quo.

Which are you?

My other takeaway from last night's soiree was, to use Mme Guasp's words, "The number one 'skill' you must have [as an entrepreneur] is vision." YES!

Clarity of vision is everything.

  • To creating a business plan that simply flows right out of you.
  • To securing finance - if you can express your vision with real clarity and passion, you are more able to convince investors.
  • To getting clients - if you are that clear and passionate about your vision, who wouldn't want what you have to offer?
  • To making decisions with clarity - all the time bringing your decisions back to your vision and values.
  • To perseverance - when the going gets tough (and it will, at times), your clarity of vision and faith in it becoming reality is what will keep you going.
  • To LOVING what you do!

So what is your vision?

Need help with it?

I help women create clarity of vision of how they desire to live and work, to create a business that fits like a second skin so they can get started fast.

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