Dream Your Way to Success

Want to Learn a Technique for Clarity and Success?

Ever wondered how the sports elite continue to win? Visualisation is an accepted technique in sports technology which means the difference between winning and losing between competitors whose variation in physical performance is marginal.

The likes of Wayne Rooney, striker for Manchester United use visualisation to play the tape of success in their heads prior to a match. The level of detail Rooney goes into includes visualising which colour strip he and the team are wearing so he can see, feel, smell, taste success. Elite sports people of all types use it - my beloved All Blacks, Usain Bolt, elite yacht crews such as those in the America's Cup. It's a powerful technique.

It's a technique you can apply to, to get clarity on your purpose, vision, values and goals, so you can live and work the way you want.

The Technique

  1. Find a quiet space and time when you are relaxed and without distraction. (I find first thing in the morning and/or last thing at night works for me.)
  2. Close your eyes and relax. Breathe deeply and begin to conjure up a picture of how you want to live and work in the future - your vision. (This is YOUR visualisation so you can put your own timeframe on when you will achieve it.)
  3. Begin to ask yourself questions to build the vision, like:
    • Where am I living? What is the landscape like - city, country, mountains, seaside, etc? Which country? What type of dwelling? Is there a garden and what is it like? What is the architecture like of the dwelling?....

    • Who am I living with? What type of relationship is it? How does the relationship feel?...

    • How do I work? What am I doing as a career? What is my workspace like - office, home, between the two? Do I travel? Do I have colleagues? Do I have a boss? What is the relationship like with all of them? How does it make me feel? Who am I serving in my career?...

  4. Keep going with the questions, building the picture up and going into as much detail as possible. It may take a few times to get a clear picture, and it also might change. That's OK - it's yours to do as you desire!
  5. On a daily basis, take time out to visualise so that you can see, feel, smell, taste the success of living and working as you desire.

I have used the technique frequently with clients in my coaching sessions, who report that they continue to use it and find it powerful. It helps them to analyse options and take decisions that move them towards their visualised vision.

Enjoy experimenting with this technique. I'd love to hear how you find it. Post a comment below or send me a message at hello@helen-fitness.com.

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