1 Simple Step to Increase Your Confidence

Feel More Confident and Valued

You want to increase your confidence so you can truly flourish in your career or take those tough decisions about life and career, but it is not always easy - it's not like you can just flick a switch and you're stronger, more confident, with more self-belief.

Or Can You?

Here's a simple activity to help you increase your confidence. It's like a mini-360 assessment - the type of assessment organisations pay thousands for as part of their leadership programmes.

Ask 5 People

Select 5 trusted people - friends, family, colleagues, ex-colleagues, respected leaders - and ask them these questions:

  1. What one word or phrase describes me best?
  2. What do you think is my greatest achievement?
  3. What do you value most about me?
  4. What one thing could I change for my own benefit?
  5. What do you believe to be my greatest strength?

That's it! Send them an email asking them to respond to the questions and see what comes out of it. You'll be surprised, and quite possibly moved by what others value about you for which you have a blindspot. Of course, don't forget to thank them for their insight (and/or buy them a drink!)

When I did this activity, I got some great insights into what I could be doing better, and even moreso, I had no idea I was valued for the things others saw in me that I didn't. It's truly humbling.

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