I Found My Bliss!

How I Found My Bliss and Why It is GOOD FOR Business

There are few things I am happier doing than taking my chariot down to my local street market, and stocking up on fresh flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruit, cheeses, charcuterie and my favourite boudin noir (blood sausage and lard - an acquired taste, for sure!) The market is full of bonhomie and loud, friendly banter with each other by the market stall owners - it's a vibrant scene. Frequently, and especially on a sunny morning, I have 'a moment' doing this. I feel calm, clear and connected, with an "all-is-right-with-the-world" feeling. At that moment, I know that whatever happens to me and my business, everything will be all right.

Just a year ago, I was definitely not living my bliss

I had lost the fire for my career, and redundancies were the #newnormal. I wasn't sure which direction to take my career next, and I was piecing myself back together after a nasty relationship. An "all-is-right-with-the-world" moment seemed far from reach at the time. I needed to change everything - career and life - or I'd be 'stuck' in this place forever.

I invested in myself

I engaged a career coach and I found clarity about how I want to live and work:

  • I wanted a career with purpose again - helping people achieve their best in life and career;
  • I wanted to create the flexibility to work anywhere in the world as I travel;
  • I wanted to continue to live and work in Europe, and preferably in my beloved France, so I could finally be bi-lingual;
  • With coaching, I got clarity about what was important to me - my vision, values and goals.

It's good for Business Because...

  • When I have 'down' days (and we all have 'down' days), I remind myself why I am coaching, and how I am so very fortunate to have the choice to live and work as I am;
  • When I need to make a decision in my business (or life), I take it back to my vision, values and goals - everything becomes clear and simple;
  • When I begin to compare my progress with others (we all do that, too - to our detriment!) I remind myself of how far I have come and where I am now;
  • When I begin to doubt (yep, me too...), I remind myself there is no-one better placed to help others, since I've been through it all myself - corporate career, career changes, relocations, rough relationships, business start-up, self-doubt and sabotage...

Finding your bliss in life and career is all within reach...and it's good for business!

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