Forgive - Don't Forget

What the...?

I've just finished up a coaching session with my own coach - I had to share it. (Yes - I have my own coach. A couple actually. It means I understand the experience of coaching from both sides of the relationship. I can serve you better.)

I'm rocking it out quite intensely in the next week and a half with my coach to create an awesome effing plan for 2017! (Can't wait!) While we discussed all I want to achieve, do, be, feel in 2017, the issue of forgiveness came up. Something that happened in my past came back up to bite me in the ass. It could have potentially sabotaged my relationship, and on reflection, may also be impacting my business success. I won't go into the deets but suffice to say, I was a lesser person at the time. And during the session this morning, I realised - I have not forgiven myself for it!

Whaaa'?? Where did that come from?

These self-inflicted wounds can run deep. And it got me thinking...

  1. This is the perfect time of year to BE GRATEFUL - for all the experiences you have had, good and bad. They have made you into the body, mind and soul you are now. That's something to celebrate!
  2. This is the perfect time of year to FORGIVE YOURSELF - above all else, you must live with yourself, love yourself and be true to yourself. That ain't gonna happen if you're carrying a heavy burden. It will show itself in ways you never anticipated - relationships, business, you name it.
  3. LEARN HOW to forgive yourself. Seriously, I had to Google how to forgive myself! Ambitious people are often like that - holding ourselves to a higher standard than we hold others. I found this brilliant checklist of 10 Ways to Forgive Yourself & Let Go of the Past on by contributor Megan Hale - sound advice. You're welcome.
"To err is human; to forgive is divine."

I'm positively bursting at the seams about 2017 and all its opportunities!!

Lightening the load will make everything all the more joyful to experience. Try it.

Break out the bubbles!

Love you!


PS Want to create a plan for 2017? Let's talk to see what we can do to make 2017 your best yet!