How Your Values Shape Your Life


What a way to finish up what has been an extraordinary year - for so many reasons!

You may have been following my daily updates the last week on my Facebook page or direct to your inbox. I've been sharing insights into a couple of high level programs I've completed this year – Gina DeVee's Divine Living Academy and Tony Robbins' Date With Destiny.

The last 6 days at Date With Destiny in particular have been the most intense of my life – physically, emotionally, mentally, and yes - even spiritually.

I have learned over the last week and through 2016 so much about human behaviour, myself, and how I show up in the world. It has been immensely valuable to me personally, but it is just as valuable to you as a client in how I can help you get what you desire in life and business.

One key thing I've learned this week is the power of values – even more valuable than goals.

Values are critical

Values are our guiding principles in life. They are the emotional states that we believe are most important for us to either experience or avoid. If we're taking aim with a rifle, our values are the sight; our goals are the target. Our values influence our behaviour tremendously.

So, for example, if we're filtering everything through values that are externally focused, we'll have a sense of lack of control of our lives. An exercise I did this week showed that my existing values included Security (the emotional state of safety) as the number one. I don't know how this has come to be since I consider myself courageous – a risk-taker, adventurous. Security relies heavily on external factors – relationships, governments, entire economic systems, just for starters. However, I realise now that the emotional state of Security has caused me to play much safer in everything – my business, my personal life; generally, how I 'show up' in the world.

Values are not static

Often we consider our values to be static – they're unwavering, stoic, we're married to them. Just because we have certain values, we do not need to hold tightly onto them as if they are fixed. We can play with them, elevating those that will help us fulfil our purpose in life and goals. This is liberating to learn. It means I have been able to let go of 'stories' and rules that help meet the emotional state of Security. They keep me safe, comfortable...and small. My new top value is Health and Positive Energy for, without those, I cannot achieve anything, nor live how I desire. It is also entirely within my control; and it is so much more positive than meek old Security.

There is so much more to be said about the importance of values – this is just a sneak preview.

So, let me ask you...

  • What are your most important current Towards Values i.e. those values you pursue for a sense of well-being?
  • Will those Towards Values help you to live and work the way you desire?
  • If not, what needs to change?

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