Thanks for the (Facebook) Memories

What Do You Do With the Facebook Memories?

Those Facebook Memories in my newsfeed kind of annoy me. "Space-fillers," I thought.

This one came in to my feed this morning, and it struck me. 12 months ago today, I took this photo (admittedly not a very good one).

It was at a luxury villa in Florence, Italy where I attended a 2-day seminar with my then soon-to-be coach and mentor.

Three weeks earlier, I had resigned from the corporate world after 20 years, with no job to go to, an idea of the business I wanted to create, and uncertainty in where I would finally settle.

This trip to Florence was not the catalyst for growth or change - that came a year or so earlier when I could no longer stand in front of my audience as a trainer in the organisation and believe and support the management messages I was required to deliver.

This trip was more like a portal into another world

It led me to a world of growth and development - the sort of thing that had been missing from my life for years. I had been comfortably sitting in my Zone of Excellence - accomplished, a top performer, but ultimately in a comfort zone, and not feeling nourished.

I realise now how in leaving the corporate world, I had to 'deconstruct' my corporate self, to reconstruct my true self.

  • The corporate self never had enough time, always racing for a project deadline or the next meeting. Ironically, in doing so, she squandered time, doing seemingly productive things in a glorification of Busy. (I can spot corporate dwellers a mile off by the pace of their speech alone - short, clipped, always under pressure).

  • The corporate self was quickly angry as a result of stress, often feeling backed into a corner, and with an apparent need to be considered a 'hard-ass' to play with the boys in a male-dominated industry. Ironically, it served her in no way at all, causing stress, anxiety and affecting personal relationships and her well-being.

  • The corporate self was hyper-critical and judgemental – of herself and others – and was WAY too concerned with what others thought of her. (Comparative performance reviews will do that to you).

  • The corporate self had ingrained that “if you have this, you can't have that” - the result of family upbringing as well as a relentless, rigorous expense control regime, and a scramble to meet budget every month. Ironically, in striving for abundance, it bred a sense of scarcity. (Every day I work on the concept that "it's all within reach").

  • The corporate self spent all her time in her head – thinking and rationalising and following process, instead of drawing on her strong intuition, and 'feeling' into decisions so she was more in alignment with her desires and how she wanted to live and work.

So you can see, it has been a big 12 months of self-discovery – yes, in my 50th year, I have “found myself”. Those who joke about it, haven't yet.

Knowing who I am (by way of non-surgical reconstruction) has got me to a place where I enjoy a purposeful business - helping others create their own opportunities is my primary driver, not money, (as a result, money flows naturally); where I have learned that I CAN have love AND money at the same time; where my thirst for travel is sated; where my desire for deep connections with friends and family are fulfilled; where I have created a life that frequently makes me feel very content.

So thank you, Facebook, for the memories. Not such a “space-filler” after all.

If you take nothing more than a moment to reflect on this and your Facebook Memories, that will make me happy. 

If you choose to turn that reflection into action by
booking a Discovery call to see how you can transform your life, that will make me ecstatic!