My coaching style is a healthy balance of creativity and structure, compassion and pragmatism, supporting and challenging clients to breathe life into their goals, renew their confidence, and create a life and career they relish.


I am a high-performing professional with a unique skill set: 20 years business management experience in the insurance industry globally, a natural coach and mentor, built on a background in education.

I enjoyed a successful corporate career spanning 20 years, experiencing many changes along the way - countries, cultures, management and corporate structures, and roles. Even before I reached the pinnacle of my career in a global leadership position, I realised the corporate environment no longer nourished me. The constant uncertainty of restructures, redundancies and expense control took its toll on my well-being. I could no longer see a long-term vision of my career. I wanted a life and career of more purpose than focusing on top-line growth each quarter and waiting to see my name appear in the next round of redundancies.

I took action!

After working with my own career coach, I got clarity on what excites me - helping women to step into their power and confidence, and take conscious decisions about their lives and careers - for a fresh start as entrepreneurs.

I took a sharp left - in so many ways. All at once, I resigned from  my corporate role, started up as a self-employed business coach, changed country to my now adopted France, and changed relationship status, too.

You could say I am comfortable with change.

I am driven to support women through the same critical phase, to find their power and confidence, and to create complete clarity of vision of their lives and careers. If you want to take control of your life and career to create your own opportunities, I help you gain clarity, confidence and create a world of possibilities to chart a new course.


With my global professional and personal experience, I understand the challenges in insurance of change, transitioning, leadership and more.

This combination delivers calm pragmatism supported by sound business acumen to help women be their most effective and fulfilled, personally and professionally.