Hey! I’m Helen Fitness (seriously...it's my real name, & I’m NOT a fitness trainer, in case you're wondering!)

I support new senior business leaders & founders - just like you - who want to do things differently this time.

In your new role, you want to throw open the windows on the workplace & let the fresh air in...to make an impact with a new style of leadership.



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The Executive’s Guide to Journaling:

Write Your Way to Less Stress, Better Relationships and More Impactful and Inspiring Leadership.

the philosophy of womanly art of leadership®

Womanly Art of Leadership® is less about gender as it is about a state of being.

It is about leading with love, focusing on the quality of your relationships to influence others, bringing teams together to collaborate, honest communication, a fresh look at success - professionally and personally.

look around - how much love do you see in the workplace?

The aim of Womanly Art of Leadership® coaching programs is to replace fear in leadership with love.

Fear shows up as competition, scarcity, micro-management, unilaterally taking the credit, politics, gossip, ‘throwing colleagues under the bus’, shutting colleagues down, negative judgment, territory-protecting, & empire-building.

Love shows up as emotional intelligence, self-confidence, collaboration, honest communication, listening, empathy & compassion, nurturing relationships, strength in vulnerability, inclusion, positivity, creativity, accountability, & personal & social responsibility.

It’s a different way of leading that an AI world demands.

We can’t lead with Industrial Age leadership in an AI world.

If you’ve decided this time, you’re going to do things differently…



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I have obtained a calmness I simply never had before – anxiety is such a buzz word now but each day I would have a level of anxiety ‘built in.’
— Nicky, Insurance Executive, New Zealand