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Hey! I’m Helen Fitness ('s my real name, & I am not a fitness trainer, in case you're wondering!) I support corporate & professional women - just like you. I help you to uncover your unshakeable power & confidence by setting clear, healthy boundaries, & silencing your inner critic that holds you back from living & working as you truly desire - creating your own kind of wonderful.

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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
— Attributed to Albert Einstein
If you don’t like something, change it; if you can’t change it, change your attitude.
— Maya Angelou
Helen is a great coach with a unique and powerful energy.
— Kristin M., France

You're ambitious, successful, reliably high-performing,...& yet, you have that nagging voice...

"I'm not good enough"

Does that sound familiar?

  • You hesitate to step into the limelight in meetings, afraid to be judged by others.
  • You feel the pressure of having to prove yourself to others time & again, for performance reviews, in new teams - it is literally making you sick with worry.
  • You feel your work should speak for itself, so you don't put yourself forward for opportunities, & you feel self-promotion is 'icky'.
  • You take a lot on yourself to get the job done - taking on tasks beyond & often below your remit, with little recognition in return. 'Over-giving' like this shows up in other areas of your life, too, such as your personal relationships.
  • You keep taking new opportunities as they come your way hoping you'll find what's missing, only to find you feel exactly the same.
  • Your emotional outbursts at work seem to outweigh the gravity of the situation. You're ashamed about it, & you've been referred to as "moody" or "too emotional." You'd like to feel calmer & more in control.
  • Ultimately, you have an aching sense you're meant for more than this but the last step into greatness seems the hardest to take.

What I've found in working with a variety of clients, that what you think is the problem - isn't! At the core of "I'm not good enough" replaying in your head is poor boundaries & a lack of self-confidence. It's hard to admit, I know, especially when on the outside, you're accomplished, a go-getter, your life the envy of your friends & family. That's what makes it hard to understand & even harder to figure out for yourself; & that's why my work is confidential.

Look - I know this is not a uniquely female experience - men have feelings of not being good enough, too (& I'd be happy to talk with you!) It's just that women more frequently 'take themselves out of the game' as a result of these feelings. They DO more to PROVE themselves more & it ultimately keeps them in the same place.

I can tell you...I speak from experience. The "I'm not good enough" record played on loop for me.

by investing in you, you're invested in the outcome - & it's time! you can be a more powerful YOU - unshakeable power & confidence, life & work by design, success defined by you.

That's the great thing about creating a life & work defined & designed by you - YOU are in charge, YOU create the blueprint for your life & work, your validation comes from within, not from others - you value yourself first & foremost, & you set boundaries that reflect that. You present yourself to the world with confidence - a calm, poised woman, taking conscious decisions about her life & work, from a place of confidence, not fear.

creating change like this is exciting & sometimes a little scary - but You are not alone. I CAN HELP YOU BE A more powerful VERSION OF YOU.

Smart women invest in the support of a coach & mentor. The smart woman demonstrates personal leadership before she takes on business leadership. She builds up a pool of resources to support her ambitions to help her transform her life & create her own kind of wonderful. You could muddle on & try to figure it all out for yourself, or you could have the edge, with a coach & mentor sitting discreetly behind you as your confidante & independent thinking partner.

As a first step to creating your kind of wonderful & stepping into your power & confidence, I've got a FREE guide to help you become unstoppable in every area of your life!



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