Hey! I’m Helen Fitness (seriously...it's my real name, & I am not a fitness trainer, in case you're wondering!) I support executive women - just like you. I help you to claim your power, transform your career, by setting clear, healthy boundaries, so you can be an impactful leader & inspiring role model.

There IS a more pleasurable way to get to the boardroom

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Insanity: doing the same thing over & over again & expecting different results.
— Attributed to Albert Einstein
If you don’t like something, change it; if you can’t change it, change your attitude.
— Maya Angelou
Helen is a great coach with a unique and powerful energy.
— Kristin M., France

You're ambitious, successful, reliably high-performing,...& yet, you have that nagging voice...

"I'm not good enough"

That feeling that you're riding a wave of success and any moment now, you'll wipe out, and they'll all find out what a fraud you really are. You're not as good as they think you are...does that sound familiar?

  • You hesitate to step into the limelight at strategy meetings, afraid to be judged by others.

  • When you share your ideas in meetings, it's like you're not even there, until someone else picks up on what you said - suddenly, it's a great idea! Frustrating as...!

  • You feel your work should speak for itself, so you don't put yourself forward for opportunities, & you feel self-promotion is 'icky'.

  • You take a lot on yourself to get the job done - taking on tasks beyond & often below your remit, with little recognition in return. 'Over-giving' like this shows up in other areas of your life, too, such as your personal relationships.

Ultimately, you know you can be a truly impactful leader & inspiring role model to others,...if you could just fine-tune the leadership you've already demonstrated.  The last few steps to greatness seem the hardest to take.

What I've found in working with a variety of clients & through my own experience, that what you think is stopping you from stepping fully into your leadership position, isn't the real issue.

At the core of those feelings that you're a fraud, or the "I'm not good enough" voice replaying in your head, are poor boundaries & a lack of self-confidence.

It's hard to admit, I know, especially when on the outside, you're accomplished, a go-getter, your life the envy of your friends & family. That's what makes it hard to understand & even harder to figure out for yourself; & that's why my work is confidential.

Look - I know this is not a uniquely female experience - men have feelings of not being good enough, too. It's just that women more frequently 'take themselves out of the game' as a result of these feelings. They feel they're on a constant roundabout of seeking approval, & it ultimately keeps them in the same place. It stems from being brought up with messages to be a "good girl" & those messages are tough to shake.

I can tell you...I speak from experience. The "I'm not good enough" record played on loop for me, too.

I felt that if I just worked harder, the rewards & recognition would come. Just one more project to lead, one more product to launch, one more team to work with. It fed my need to feel needed.

For a start, I didn’t even realise that I was already considered an inspiring leader & role model. I was so busy grinding away for more recognition, I didn’t see it around me. That incessant drive for recognition came from feelings of not being good enough, from lack of confidence, (even though outwardly, people described me as “taking no prisoners”), & ultimately a lack of self-worth.


Wow. It rocked me when I came to see it. To use a former boss’s words,


“Helen, you became more successful when you stopped trying so hard.”

So I ask you now...STOP. Take a breath. Listen...

be the inspiring leader & role model you want to be - poised, powerful, confident, & authentically you.

by investing in you, you're invested in your outcomes - & it's time!

All that you desire to be as an inspiring leader is already inside you. The secret to great leadership is having absolute self-knowledge & the self-awareness to know how to leverage your strengths, & turn your vulnerabilities into strengths, too (It CAN be done!)

It DOES NOT require you to work like a maniac, addicted to 'busy-ness', to prove yourself to others over & over again.

Learning to value yourself first & foremost, & to set boundaries that reflect that brings the success you crave. Presenting yourself to the world with confidence - a calm, poised woman, taking conscious decisions about her life & work, from a place of confidence, not fear.

creating change like this is exciting & sometimes a little scary - but You are not alone. you need to create your success team.

the smart woman:

  • invests in the support of an independent thinking partner - a coach & mentor.

  • doesn’t wait for the organisation to hand feed her career.

  • demonstrates personal leadership before she takes on business leadership.

  • builds up a pool of resources - a success team - to support her ambitions to impact the world & to help her become an inspiring leader & role model.

Are you that smart corporate woman?

You could muddle on & try to figure it all out for yourself, or you could have the edge, create the conditions for success by working with a coach & mentor who sits discreetly behind you as your confidante & independent thinking partner.

As a first step to being an inspiring leader with more recognition, more satisfaction, & ultimately, a better package, download your FREE guide to help you become unstoppable in every area of your life!



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